Graduating students recognized for honor projects with Golden, Firestone medals

Forty-three students were recognized last month with a Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research or a Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts.

The Firestone Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in engineering and the social, physical and natural sciences. The Golden Medal is awarded to graduating students for honors projects in the humanities or creative projects in the fine arts.

Following is a list of the medalists, their majors, honors projects and faculty sponsors:

Firestone Medal

Iman Ahmad, human biology: "Preventing Childhood Diarrhea in Pakistan"; Robert Siegel, medicine, and Donald Barr, sociology

Scott Carlson, chemistry: "Methods of Analysis for SELDI-TOF Mass Spectra and an Application to Pediatric Biomarker Discovery"; Richard Zare, chemistry, and Harvey Cohen, pediatrics

Sheena E. Chestnut, Center for International Security and Cooperation: "The 'Sopranos State'? North Korean Involvement in Criminal Activity and Implications for International Security"; Scott Sagan, political science, and William J. Perry, management science and engineering

Porsha Cropper, comparative studies in race and ethnicity: "'Can We All Get Along?': Black Perceptions of Group Threat and the Challenge of New Racial Demographics in Los Angeles and Compton"; Claudine Gay, political science, and Al Camarillo, history

Agnieszka Czechowicz, biological sciences: "Development of a Robust Human Adaptive Immune System in CD34+ Enriched Peripheral Blood-Transplanted Mice Through Use of Anti-Murine-c-Kit Monoclonal Antibody, ACK2"; Irving Weissman, developmental biology; Tim Stearns, biological sciences; and Daniel Kraft, pediatrics

Alejandro Diaz, science, technology and society: "Through the Google Goggles: Sociopolitical Bias in Search Engine Design"; Robert McGinn, science, technology and society, and management science and engineering; Terry Winograd, computer science; and Aneesh Aneesh, sociology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Vikram Fielding-Singh, economics: "Reputation Building as Counterterrorism: Theory and Evidence"; Steve Tadelis, economics

Anne Friedman, sociology: "Broaching Race and Disenfranchisement: An Analysis of the Demographic Determinants of Voter Disenfranchisement in the 2004 Presidential Election"; Monica McDermott and Wade Cole, sociology

Aaron Gelband, economics: "Opportunities After Sarbanes-Oxley: Can Outsiders Earn Abnormal Profits by Mimicking Insider Trades?"; John Shoven, economics

Logan Grosenick, biological sciences: "Vicarious and Context-Independent Use of Transitive Inference by an African Cichlid Fish"; Russell Fernald, biological sciences, and Ewart Thomas, psychology

Katherine M. Hill, international relations: "Money Talks: The Commercialization of Microfinance in Uganda"; David Abernethy, political science

Jack Hogan, public policy: "Sensitivity Analysis of the North American Market for Natural Gas with a Focus on Liquid Imports"; Hillard Huntington, management science and engineering, and Geoffrey Rothwell, economics

Lucy Horton, human biology: "Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda: A Case Study of Reach Out, Kampala, Uganda"; Robert Siegel, medicine, and Ron Barrett, anthropological sciences

Emily Lehrman, biological sciences: "Elucidating Synapse Assembly: Scaffold Protein SYD-2 Localizes Presynaptic Components to the Synapse in Caenorhabditis elegans"; Kang Shen and Susan McConnell, biological sciences

Nicolai Lidow, political science: "Partners with the Enemy: Government-LTTE Cooperation and the Demand for Education in Sri Lanka"; Jeremy Weinstein, political science

Joshua Mitchell, economics: "Forecasting the Effects of the August 23rd Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Changes: Evidence from a California Natural Experiment"; Thomas MaCurdy, economics

Rita Nguyen, human biology: "Comparing Food Content and Preference in Areas of Varying Socioeconomic Status in Santa Clara County"; Catherine Heaney, psychology, and Donald Barr, sociology

Jennifer O'Neil, psychology: "The Effects of Race and Facial Stereotypicality on Perceptions of Crime and Mental Illness"; Ewart Thomas, psychology

Victoria Parikh, human biology: "Stress Hormones and Reproduction in the African Cichlid Fish, Astatotilapia burtoni"; Russell Fernald, biological sciences

Adam Phail-Liff, East Asian studies: "A Return to 'Normalcy'? The 2004 National Defense Program Guidelines and Japan's Defense Policy"; Daniel Okimoto, political science

Carlyn Reichel, American studies: "Knee-Deep, the Smear Campaign in Modern American Politics: A Case Study of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth"; James Fishkin and Fred Turner, communication

Britt Sandler, Center for Environmental Science and Policy: "Biofortification to Reduce Vitamin A Deficiency: A Comparative Cost-Benefit Analysis of Golden Rice and Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato"; Walter Falcon, economics

Jacob Saperstein, political science: "A Dysfunctional Family: An Analysis of San Francisco Electoral Politics in 2003-2004"; Luis Fraga, political science

Caroline "Carly" Schuster, individually designed major: "Land, Credit, Identity: The Politics of Microfinance in Argentina's Altiplano"; Mark Mancall, history; James Ferguson, cultural and social anthropology; and Michael Tomz, political science

Adam Sciambi, physics: "A Simple Apparatus for the Observation of Quantized Conductance"; Hari Manoharan and David Goldhaber-Gordon, physics

Roshan Shrestha, chemical engineering: "In-Vivo Expression of Biotin-Tagged Human Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor as a Control for In-Vitro Synthesis and Folding"; James R. Swartz and Camilla M. Kao, chemical engineering

Matthew Steiner, computer science: "Library-Based Prefetching for Pointer-Intensive Data Structures"; Christos Kozyrakis, computer science

Robin Stevens, biological sciences: "Genetic Regulation of Neural Circuits: Fruitless and Degeneration of Drosophila Wing Song"; Bruce Baker and Liqun Luo, biological sciences

Sarah Sullivan, psychology: "You Never Lose the Ages You've Been: How Age Facilitates Perspective-Taking Ability in an Affective Domain"; Laura Carstensen, psychology

Sok Tea, international relations: "Selective Interventions in Africa: A Comparative Study of American Democracy Promotion Efforts"; Jeremy Weinstein, political science

Gregory Wayne, symbolic systems: "Order and Word Order: How the Information Content of a Word in a Sentence Helps Explain a Linguistic Universal"; David Beaver and Thomas Wasow, linguistics

Daniela Witten, biological sciences: "An Analysis of the Power of Tests of Neutrality for DNA Polymorphism Data to Detect Selection in the Presence of Recombination"; Marc Feldman and Dmitri Petrov, biological sciences

Golden Medal

Kristen Bell, ethics in society: "Retribution and Forgiveness: An Eye Only for an Unforgiving Eye"; Tamar Schapiro, philosophy, and Robert Weisberg, law

Henry S. Brands, history: "Contested Visions, Shifting Images: The United States and the Emperor of Japan, 1942-1946"; Barton Bernstein, history

Reed Criddle, music: "Amazing Beauty" (senior recital: vocal); Stephen Sano, music

Zoe Friedman-Cohen, interdisciplinary studies in humanities: "Wilderness Ideology: Annie Dillard and Edward Abbey's Influence on Earth First!'s Radical Environmentalism"; Richard White, history, and Andrea Nightingale, classics

Edward S. Iskander, drama: "Is This Seat Taken? A Fairy-Tale" (performance: directing); Rush Rehm, drama

Ronak Kapadia, comparative studies in race and ethnicity: "Monsoon Daddies, Desi Film Activists and the Axis of Evil: Cultural Politics of South Asian New York"; Harry Elam Jr., drama, and Purnima Mankekar, cultural and social anthropology

Piotr Kosicki, history: "From Christian Democracy to Secular Spirituality: Spiritual Ideologies and the Origins of the European Community's Political Culture, 1948-1953"; Norman Naimark, history

Anna North, English: "Playing Detective: Models for Investigative Criticism"; Seth Lerer, Brett Bourbon and Sianne Ngai, English

Shaqueta Pierre, feminist studies: "Margaret Atwood: Fairy Tales, Identity and the Power Politics of Female Relationships"; Andrea Lunsford and Elizabeth Tallent, English

Casey Riffel, interdisciplinary studies in humanities: "Spaces of Accommodation: A Study of Central Park for the 21st Century"; Scott Bukatman, art and art history

Daniel Rubens, history: "Debating the Policy of Slavery in the Ohio Valley, 1787-1824"; Gavin Wright, history