Who escaped through home's secret, hidden door? A different culprit named

I enjoyed your article on the new home for Hillel (Jan. 12), which I fondly remember as the residence of Harold and Rosamond Bacon. In their Mayfield backyard, underneath the olive tree, their nephew Les Roos and I had our wedding reception 41 years ago! I thought, however, that I should help you keep the record straight about who used the hidden wood panel to escape unexpected guests. It certainly wasn't Ros. Harriett Dunn, Harold's cousin who was Mrs. Leland Stanford's good friend, and hence invited to build the house on campus, was the escapee. Ros was much too good-hearted to have ever "escaped" a visitor, although she too loved to tell how Harriett had used the hidden door.

My favorite Ros story goes back to the day Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and the riots were breaking out all over the country. That afternoon her East Palo Alto garden club's regular meeting was scheduled, and she was not about to let police warnings—to stay home and off the streets and particularly to stay out of East Palo Alto—keep her away from a commitment. She went, much to the surprise and dismay of her East Palo Alto garden club friends—who caravanned her safely home.

The Bacons loved the house and both Ros and Harold would be extraordinarily pleased by its refurbishment. Thanks, Harold and Libby Ziff.

Noralou Preston Roos, AB '63

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences

University of Manitoba

Editor's Note: For the record, that hidden panel slides to the right—not to the left, as was erroneously reported in the Jan. 12 issue of Stanford Report.