Stanford headlines for the week of October 13, 2004

Grounds supervisor Mary Nolan keeps campus color-coordinated for all seasons

Marcus Borg cancels campus appearances

Electricity burns technician at SLAC

Stanford shares $25 million grant to develop new science-of-learning techniques

Experts spar over merits of Bush, Kerry economic plans during recent debate

Bingaman brief

Faculty Senate to hear parking and transportation report Thursday

Deliberative Polling inventor paves way to informed public

Gifted with a 'sixth sense' for research, Twain scholar leader in American studies

Flu vaccine distribution on campus limited due to shortages nationwide

Faculty couple studies America, each through distinct lens

Memorial set for economist, Hoover Institution fellow Aaron Director

IRWG director hopes to create 'go to' center for gender studies

Honors & Awards

Concert to honor Daniel Pearl

Last week's article on Status of Women Faculty meeting needs clarification

Ehrlich: Scientists increasingly vocal

15 years after Loma Prieta earthquake, tardy temblor yields trove of data

In Print and On The Air

Revised ethics code to be released to all university employees this week

Doctors fail to encourage patients to diet and exercise

Switching off gene turns cancer cell healthy in mice

Reeve remembered

Honor the staff

Hypertension drug to be tested for safety in children after 30 years of use

5 Questions: Angell on big pharma

Media monitor

Children get online to better manage their cystic fibrosis from home

Medical center people

Morgan Berthrong, former pathologist at Stanford, passes away at 86

Report of the President to the Board of Trustees


Bikestation users scrambling for alternatives as closure nears

Fall event showcases black volunteer groups

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