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Stanford Report, May 14, 2003

Studies focus on popular health remedies

Participants are sought for four Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention research studies, addressing popular, consumer-health approaches to serious health problems.

• Adults with peripheral artery disease or with a history of heart disease, diabetes and/or leg pain are needed to study the effects of Ginkgo Biloba dietary supplements on artery health and blood clotting. E-mail:

• Postmenopausal women with no personal history of breast cancer and men with prostate cancer on androgen ablation therapy who are in general good health are needed to examine the effects of soy isoflavone supplements on breast, prostate and bone. E-mail:

• Volunteers, non-smokers only, between ages 30 and 65 with mildly elevated cholesterol levels (LDL 130-190 mg/dl) and not recently diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, active cancers, renal or liver disorders or hyper- or hypothyroidism are needed to study the effectiveness of garlic for improving cholesterol levels. E-mail:

• Participants, women between ages 25 and 50, moderately overweight and in general good health, are sought to compare four high-profile weight-loss strategies — Atkins, LEARN, Ornish and Zone. Eligible volunteers must not be pregnant or lactating or planning to become pregnant and willing to accept random assignment to one of the four weight-loss programs. Call 725-5018 and press 4 for details.

For information on these studies, call 725-5018 or visit for the soy, garlic or weight-loss studies.