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Stanford Report, June 19, 2002

Fifteen students honored with Golden Medal; 27 receive Firestones

This year, 15 students were awarded the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts and 27 students were awarded the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research.

The Firestone award recognizes students undertaking honors projects in the social, physical and natural sciences and engineering nominated by their academic programs or departments. The Golden award similarly distinguishes students completing honors projects in the humanities or creative projects in the fine arts. The medalists each received an engraved bronze medal, citation and check at an awards ceremony held Saturday in Kresge Auditorium.

This year's medal ceremony marked a first in the history of these prizes: Jeanne Tsai, assistant professor of psychology, became the first Firestone Medal recipient to present a medal to one of her own students, Elizabeth K. Nguyen. Tsai graduated in 1991 and received a Firestone Medal for an honors thesis written under psychology Professor Laura Carstensen. After completing her doctorate at the University of Minnesota, Tsai joined the Stanford Department of Psychology in 2000.

The awardees, their hometowns, majors, honors department or program, projects and faculty sponsors follow:

Robert M. Golden Medals for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts

Benjamin A. Coates, Oakland, Calif., history; history honors; "Understanding Inaccuracy: The U.S. Embassy and Human Rights Reporting in El Salvador, 1979-1984"; Zephyr Frank, history.

Miguel Alvar DeBaca, Chula Vista, Calif., American studies; American studies honors; "The Whip and the Cross: The Constructed Identities of the Penitente Brotherhood in New Mexico"; Wanda Corn, art and art history.

Catherine T. Dunlop, Stanford, history; history honors; "Redefining Resistance: The Maquis of Ain and Their Parade at Oyonnax, 1943"; Mary Louise Roberts, history.

Adam C. Fong, Greenbrae, Calif., music; music honors; "Artistic Creation in Music"; Melissa Hui, music.

Tara E. Gellene, Arcadia, Calif., English; English honors; "Stranger than Fiction: Toward a Practical Definition of What It Means to Read 'Fiction'"; Brett Bourbon, English.

Joshua W. Haner, San Francisco, art and art history; "Artistic Creation"; Joel Leivick, art and art history.

Gideon Lewis-Kraus, Watchung, N.J., comparative literature and American studies; comparative literature honors; "Uncalled-For to This Day: Psychoanalysis and Pragmatism in the Service of Self and Culture"; Richard Rorty, comparative literature, and Arnold Eisen, religious studies.

Tania Lombrozo, La Jolla, Calif., philosophy and symbolic systems; philosophy honors; "Teleology and Optimality in Adaptive Explanations of Cognition"; Peter Godfrey-Smith, philosophy.

Lihi L. Rosenthal, Covina, Calif., interdisciplinary studies in humanities; interdisciplinary studies in humanities honors; "Myth-Makers, Myth-Breakers: Three Women Poets' Response to the Female Condition in Israel"; Vered Shemtov, Special Language Program.

Nico I. Slate, Newberry Springs, Calif., interdisciplinary studies in humanities and earth systems; interdisciplinary studies in humanities honors; "Where Nothing Needs to Be Said: Heidegger, Walden and the 'Odas Elementales' of Pablo Neruda"; Andrea Nightingale, classics.

Charles H. Stocking, Livermore, Calif., classics; classics honors; "Language About Achilles: Linguistic Frame Theory and the Formula in Homeric Poetics"; Richard Martin, classics.

Stephanie Sun, Centralia, Ill., urban studies; urban studies honors; "Learning from Hong Kong: Journey, Object, Fact and Fiction in a City of Spectacle"; Frederic Stout, urban studies and education, and Leonard Ortolano, civil engineering.

Vlada Teper, Mill Valley, Calif., Slavic languages and literatures and English; education honors; "World Literature Curricula: Foreign Text Selection in Moscow and California Bay Area High Schools"; Pamela Grossman, education.

Laura K. Turner, Orange Park, Fla., history; history honors; "'Tell the American People They Are Murdering Us': American Reactions to the South African War and the Transition in United States Foreign Policy, 1898-1902"; Richard Roberts, history.

Avi S. Tuschman, Menlo Park, Calif., anthropological sciences; anthropological sciences honors; "The Potato Goblin: Irony and Taboo in the Northern Ecuadorian Highland Quechua Joke-Narrative -- A Contribution to the Anthropology of Humor"; James Fox, anthropological sciences and linguistics.

Firestone Medals for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Rebecca E. Chaplin, Palo Alto, earth systems; Institute for International Studies Goldman honors program; "Searching for the Source: How Understanding Habitat Quality Can Improve Marine Reserve Design"; Pamela Matson, geological and environmental sciences.

Keith J. Coleman, Mountain View, computer science; Center for International Security and Cooperation honors program; "Beyond 'Electronic Pearl Harbor': Lessons for Averting a Digital September 11"; Scott Sagan, political science.

Ian M. Ehrenreich, Citrus Heights, Calif., human biology; human biology honors; "The Ecology and Evolution of Triclosan-Resistant Escherichia coli"; Brendan Bohannan, biological sciences.

Michael Rhead Enion, Galena, Md., political science and symbolic systems; political science honors; "Sexuality, Expression and the First Amendment in Constitutional Law"; Russell Hardin, political science.

Colleen N. Flaherty, Excelsior, Minn., public policy; public policy honors; "Determinants of the Decision to Annuitize Defined Contribution Plan Balances: A Study of Individuals Retired Between 1995 and 2000"; John Shoven, economics.

Susan A. Fong, Concord, Calif., human biology; human biology honors; "Cultural Competency of Health Care Delivery Toward Latino Patients in the Bay Area"; Donald Barr, sociology.

Joy C. Geren, Portland, Ore., psychology and linguistics; psychology and linguistics honors; "Parental Cues in Word Learning: Deictic Terms and Locational Questions"; Anne Fernald, psychology, and Eve Clark, linguistics.

Jennifer J. Hwa, Wellington, Fla., biological sciences; biological sciences honors; "Characterization of Proteins Specific to the Male Germ Line in Drosophila"; Margaret Fuller, developmental biology.

Megan C. Kendall, Santa Barbara, Calif., international relations; Latin American studies honors; "A Whale in a Swimming Pool: High Technology as a Strategy for National Development in Costa Rica"; Gili Drori, Institute for International Studies.

Hanna Yoo Kim, Arcadia, Calif., biological sciences; biological sciences honors; "A Genome-Wide Screen for Methylation-Silenced Genes in Human Cancer"; Jonathan Pollack, pathology.

Yoona Amy Kim, Agoura Hills, Calif., human biology; human biology honors; "Downstream Targets of let-60 Ras in C. elegans"; Stuart Kim, developmental biology.

Catherine Y. Lau, Bakersfield, Calif., biological sciences; biological sciences honors; "Gene Therapy for Muscular Dystrophies: A Novel Approach Using DNA/RNA Oligonucleotides"; Thomas A. Rando, neurology and neurological sciences.

Alison M. Maresh, Stanford, biological sciences; biological sciences honors; "A Study of RhoGAP and RhoGEF Genes and Their Involvement in Drosophila Neuronal Morphogenesis"; Liqun Luo, biological sciences.

Jennifer A. McGrady, San Francisco, communication; communication honors; "A Comparison of Media Coverage of Elections in Ireland and the U.S."; Shanto Iyengar, communication.

Elizabeth K. Nguyen, Honolulu, human biology; human biology honors; "Who Runs the Household? A Comparison Study of the Effects of Acculturation on Gender Role Attitudes and Practices in Vietnamese and Vietnamese American Households"; Jeanne Tsai, psychology.

Robert T. Person, Englewood, Colo., international relations and Slavic languages and literatures; international relations honors; "Whither Russia? An Analysis of Russian Foreign Policy Under Vladimir Putin"; Coit Blacker, Institute for International Studies.

Zachary Scott Pincus, Bozeman, Mont., biological sciences; biological sciences honors; "Using Gene Therapy to Remodel the Neuronal Stress Response: Disarming the Endangering Effects of Glucocorticoids on Hippocampal Neurons"; Robert Sapolsky, biological sciences.

Jennifer P. Silverman, Ventura, Calif., economics and Spanish; economics honors; "Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer"; Alain Enthoven, Institute for International Studies, and Mary Kate Bundorf, health research and policy.

Andreea Stan, New York City, international relations and economics; international relations honors; "Anchoring Inflation in Transition Economies: The Case for a Currency Board Arrangement in Romania"; David Holloway, political science and history.

Nathan W. Stoll, White Lake, Mich., political science and computer science; political science honors; "Economic Voting and Individual Values in Cross-National Perspective"; Anne Wren, political science.

Tie Wee Tan, Singapore, East Asian studies and economics; East Asian studies honors; "Consolidating Separation: The Policies of Lee Teng-hui and Cheng Shui-bian Toward the Political Status of Taiwan"; Jean Oi, political science.

Yap Ling Tan, Singapore, economics and international relations; international relations honors; "Women's Empowerment Through Microfinance: Evidence from Nepal and Bangladesh"; Walter Falcon, Institute for International Studies.

David T. Vickrey, Vermillion, S.D., computer science and mathematics; computer science honors; "Multi-Agent Algorithms for Solving Structured Games"; Daphne Koller, computer science.

Cristian Voicu, Galati, Romania, economics; economics honors; "The Dynamics of Procurement Auctions"; Jonathan Levin and Susan Athey, economics.

Barry Jay Wark, Falcon Heights, Minn., symbolic systems; symbolic systems honors; "The Biology of Developing Complex Neural Network Architectures: Integration of Neural Activity by Astrocytes in Regulating Formation of Synapses in vitro"; Ben Barres, neurobiology.

Sasrutha Rasika Wickramasinghe, Kg Kiarong, Sri Lanka, biological sciences; biological sciences honors; "Molecular Dissection of the Signaling Interactions Between Sonic Hedgehog and FGF Pathways in the Developing Cerebellum"; Matthew Scott, developmental biology and genetics.

Jennifer S. Yip, Stanford, political science and ethics in society; ethics in society honors; "Servility and Self-Respect Reconsidered: A Case Study of Filipina Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong"; Susan M. Okin, political science.