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Stanford Report, October 3, 2001

One inventor's gift to mankindHow the prize changed Stanford's winners Stanford is home to 17 living Nobel prize winners -- 14 affiliated with the university and three with the Hoover Institution. Find out how the world's most prestigious prize changed the lives of Stanford's laureates.Stanford's Nobel prize-winning faculty, then and now

Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King Jr., Ernest Hemingway. All of these great figures of the 20th century were recipients of a Nobel Prize -- arguably humanity's most prestigious award. This year's Nobel prizes will be announced the week of Oct. 8, marking the 100th anniversary of the five original prizes for peace, physiology or medicine, literature, physics and chemistry.

The business of "claiming" laureates can be controversial: Where and when was a winner's work done? Stanford, for example, lists but does not claim laureates who are not on the faculty, even if they have a significant Stanford connection. Learn more about Stanford's 17 laureates and discover what they have acheived since winning the prize.

Photos in the Nobel Prize package: L.A. Cicero, Stanford News Service and Hoover Institution
Photo montage: Anna Cobb