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Stanford Report, October 25, 2000
Cardinal Chronicle / weekly campus column

BETSY KOESTER THOUGHT SHE HAD SEEN everything. As Memorial Church's wedding coordinator since 1984, Koester has watched over hundreds of marriage ceremonies in the church. But at a recent rehearsal for the big event, she was thrown off kilter when a very pregnant member of a wedding party started going into labor. "Her water broke in the chancel," Koester exclaimed. The woman was rushed away and delivered a healthy baby girl six hours later. She missed the ceremony. Ever the stickler for punctuality, Koester says she checked her watch and wondered how much the unfolding drama in the church would delay her next wedding rehearsal. "But when I told that group why we were slightly late, they were ever so gracious," she says.

JEFF WACHTEL, SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO President JOHN HENNESSY, may have felt as if he were at a wedding himself on Friday. After hearing Hennessy's inauguration speech, which included announcement of a $1 billion fundraising drive for undergraduate education, several people approached Wachtel as he stood near his boss in the receiving line in the Quad and handed him cash and money in envelopes. One person said, "I don't have much money but, after hearing the speech, I wanted to do what I can for the undergraduate campaign. So here is a little something to get things going."

WHAT STARTED OUT AS THE HIGHLIGHT OF FIRE Prevention Week turned into an exercise in teamwork, planning and Murphy's Law, says DAVE CONROD of Environmental Health and Safety. Conrod, aka Gloopy the Clown, and his performing daughters, ALEXA and KIRBY, were on hand Oct. 14 to teach kids in Escondido Village about fire safety. As Gloopy demonstrated how to "stop, drop and roll" to snuff out burning clothes, 9-year-old stilt-walking Alexa got stuck in a gopher hole, fell and broke her wrist. Dad regrets not catching his daughter but says she's recovering well and "looking forward to resuming competitive swimming and circus foolery." Despite Alexa's tumble, university Fire Marshal JOSEPH LEUNG says the morning was a success and the EV kids went home with balloons, coloring books and fire safety brochures. Those who want to learn about fire safety, including how to use a portable fire extinguisher, can reach Leung at 723-0609.

DOZENS OF STUDENTS AND A SPRINKLING of staff and faculty hip-hopped on White Plaza Monday during a master class taught by Rennie Harris Puremovement, a Philadelphia-based group on tour in the Bay Area. Dancer CLYDE EVANS told the crowd that hip-hop started in 1968 but films from the 1930s show people dancing in that style. "Hip-hop is traditional African dance and culture that's changed" over time, he said. "Now it's soup. This dance is made by the people." Panting and laughing as they tried to keep up with the ever-so-fluid dancers, the people had a great time dancing at high noon.

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