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Stanford Report, May 31, 2000

Summer 2000 construction update

As in previous years, immediately following Commencement, a significant program of construction and maintenance activity will get underway. This report describes the projects being managed by Facilities Operations and Capital Planning and Management.

The goal is to inform the Campus Community in advance of what is going to happen, where and when, so that those affected can best plan. Also project managers would like to be alerted about any important activities that must be accommodated during construction.

More than ever, it will be important that Stanford faculty and staff provide visitors, vendors, truck drivers, caterers etc. with the best detailed current information prior to arrival at Stanford.

We believe that using the information tools available, and with the support and cooperation of the Stanford community, inconveniences can be kept to a minimum.

1) For more general information and contact details for projects managed by:

a) Facilities Operations visit:

b) Capital Planning & Management visit:

2) For an online printable parking map visit: map/search_map.html

3) For guidance to obtain a parking permit visit: http://transportation.stanford. edu/transportation/bonair.html

4) For other information and resources to assist those traveling to Stanford for business, social or recreational reasons:

Spotlight - 2000

Medical School and West Campus Areas

Following Commencement, a start will be made on a new and significant set of projects in the combined Near West and Medical School campus areas. Some projects provide new or renovated space for teaching and research. Others achieve the necessary site clearance, utility infrastructure and parking adjustments.

The initial impact will be felt by regular users of Campus Drive between Roth Way and Via Ortega. This will be followed by a series of changes to the location of parking on the west side of campus. These changes, over a period of two years, will replace parking lost to building sites, and provide temporary parking to replace surface parking lost to parking structures under construction.

These projects are:

1) Campus Drive (Roth Way to Via Ortega) re-configuration and improvements - June 2000 to March 2001.

2) Utility infrastructure relocation and improvements - June 2000 to January 2001.

Note: Projects 1 and 2 above are adjustments to make way for the project 6 below, the Clark Center.

3) Serra Mall Fountain - between the Gates and Gilbert Buildings - June to September 2000.

4) Parking Structure V - July 2000 to June 2001

5) Medical School improvements to the Grant, Always, Lane and Edwards sections of the E.D.Stone Building - September 2000 to August 2005.

6) The Clark Center - April 2001 to March 2003.

These projects will be described in more detail in a future issue of Stanford Report. If you have questions, the Clark Center Hotline is: 723-5986.

Projects being managed by:

Facilities Operations

(Dates describe the target period for completion of these projects. Detailed schedule updates will appear on the website every two weeks.)

Outdoor ADA Barrier Removal Program

*Pathway Improvements (1000-00)

The pathways to the following streets will be repaved and receive conforming handicapped ramps.

A - Galvez Street, between Campus Drive and El Camino Real.

B - Escondido Road - between Campus Drive (East) and Comstock Circle.

C - Bowdoin Street Pathways - between Campus Drive (East) and Pine Hill Road..

D - Serra Street Pathways - between Campus Drive and Pampas Lane.

E - Alvarado Road - between Campus Drive (East) and Santa Ynez Street.

F - Mayfield Pathways - between Campus Drive (East) and Delores Street.

The above are scheduled between June 12 and Sept. 8.

Construction Services

* Water Table Clock at Packard-Electrical Engineering.

This functioning work of art by artist Maya Lin will be installed in the plaza area between the Packard Building and Regional Teaching Facility. Duration: June 26 to Sept. 13

Deferred Maintenance Paving Program

*Repaving of Bonair Corporation Yard

This project will upgrade the asphalt paving of the Operations corporation yard. During this project parking and access will be reorganized. (1000-00G)


* Crothers Way Condensate Replacement (9812)

The project replaces the condensate main from between Green Library and Hoover Tower to Galvez Mall.

-Duration: June 12 to July 7.

* Escondido Steam Replacement at Galvez Mall (0012)

This project replaces old steam system pipes in Galvez Mall in the area between Sweet Hall and the Galvez Modulars.

-Duration: July 12 to Sept. 8.

* Stock Farm Hi-Volt Conduit Loop (0043)

This project will extend the hi-volt electrical distribution system to the site of Parking Structure V on Oak Road, between Stock Farm and Welch Road.

-Duration: June 12 to Aug. 7.

* Stadium Lighting Hi-Volt Upgrade (0045)

This utility project provides the increased electrical capacity to support the installation of permanent floodlights in Stanford Stadium. New conduits will be laid in Sam McDonald Way between Campus Drive and Nelson Road.

-Duration: May 10 to June 9.

* Escondido Village Transformer and Cable Upgrades (0048)

This project is on-going maintenance, refurbishment and improvement of the electrical distribution system and equipment throughout Escondido Village

-Duration: Complete December.

*CEF/Ice Plant 30 inch dia. North Main

Additional pipe system capacity is needed in the Central Plant area. New 30-inch pipes will be installed in front of the Cogen Plant between Via Ortega and Jordan Way.

-Duration: Oct. 2 to Dec.15.

* Forsythe Emergency Chilled Water System

A new chilled water system will be constructed to provide emergency cooling back-up to Forsythe Hall.

-Duration: Sept 18 to Nov. 30.

* Serra Mall Fountain (4019)

A new fountain will be constructed on the centerline of Serra Mall at the intersection with the SEQ north-south axis, in front of the Gates and Gilbert Biology Buildings. This project causes the closure of Serra Street between Lomita Mall and Via Ortega.

-Duration: June 12 to Sept. 18 2000.

* Junipero Serra Boulevard Storm Drain.

A new 60 in storm drain will be installed to intercept the Foothill storm water run-off and deliver it to Lake Lagunita.

-Duration: Aug. 14 to Nov. 10.

* Storm Water Protection Projects

The following projects continue to strengthen the protection of the center of Campus to overland storm water flows.

a) Storm Protection Berm on Mayfield at Campus Drive.

b) Storm Protection Berm on Arguello at Campus Drive.

c) Lasuen Mall at the Clock Tower.

-Duration: June 12 to Sept. 8 2000

Street and Pavement Maintenance

* Sequoia Lane at HEPL

This road needs to be rebuilt following the "wear and tear" of SEQ construction.

Duration: August 1 to Oct. 1 2000.

Zone Management

* Emergency Electric Generator


a) At Green Earth Sciences (90701)

b) At Gates/Gilbert Biology (90702)

* The Zone projects are too numerous to list here. Visit the project list at

Capital Planning and Management

* Art Gallery Seismic Upgrade (6122)

This provides the seismic strengthening, building systems upgrade and accessibility improvements.

-Duration: June 2000 to March 2001.

* Escondido Village In-Fill Housing

This two-phase project adds four buildings providing 508 single graduate student apartments for a net increase of 483 apartments.

Phase I - (4480)

Comprise two buildings located on Campus Drive at Escondido and adjacent to the Mirriellies Mid-rise.

-Duration: Complete Aug. 15.

Phase II (7807)

Comprises two buildings in the center of Escondido Village between Angel Court and Dudley Lane.

-Duration: Complete Dec 2000

* Encina West (4456)

This project remodels and improves space for the Political Science Department.

-Duration: Complete July 24.

* Alumni/OoD Building (4455/4576)

This new 110,000 sq ft, three-story building, prominently situated on Galvez St. at Campus Drive, will accommodate the operations of both the Office of Development and the Alumni Association.

-Duration: Complete December 2000.

* Aquatics Complex (4427)

This project adds a new 50-meter training pool and a new 25-meter diving pool with a 10-meter diving tower to the former De Guerre Pool. Accessibility improvements will be made throughout the expanded pool complex.

-Duration: October 2000.

* Building 360 Seismic Upgrades (6121)

This project provides seismic strengthening and building system upgrades to this section of the Main Quad on Lomita Mall.

-Duration: Complete June 2000.

* Clark Center (4578)

This new building of 225,000-sq. ft. will provide an environment for researchers from biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and medicine to work, interact and collaborate.

This significant project will start construction in Spring 2001.

Prior to the start of building construction the two projects below must be completed.

* Campus Drive Realignment

Campus Drive is being realigned to improve the crossings between the core campus and medical center. Initial tree-relocation, road and utility construction (see below) will be phased. This phasing will necessitate several changes to traffic routes.

-Duration: July 2000 to February 2001.

* Utility Infrastructure Relocation and Improvements

A significant part of the preparation for the construction of the Clark Center is the adjustments to the regional utility infrastructure. Utilities involved are: chilled water, hi-volt electricity, communications conduits, domestic water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage. Phasing for the utility work will be compatible with the road construction.

-Duration: June 2000 to January 2001

* Medical School - E.D. Stone Building Renovations - Grant, Always, Lane and Edwards buildings "GALE" (4650-4662)

For a number of years the School of Medicine has been converting former hospital space in the E.D. Stone Building. Starting soon after Commencement 2000, an ambitious 5-year phased construction program will get under way to complete this conversion. The Edwards Building, adjacent to the Beckman Center will undergo a significant demolition and re-build for seismic and program improvement.

-Duration: Summer/Fall 2000 to Summer 2005.

* Near East Campus Electronic Communications Hub (4589)

This project a small building which allows additional voice, data and video communications capacity to be built up in the Economics, Business School area. This project will be proceeded by the installation of new conduits between Serra St. at Arguello and Lasuen north of the Littlefield Center. The duct bank will also run along Galvez St and Memorial Way.


Building - September to Oct. 2000.

Duct bank - July to September 2000.

* Softball Field - Seating.

This project will install berms to provide seating to the women's softball field.

-Duration: June to December 2000.

* Parking Structure - V (4640)

This structure, located in the Stockfarm area on Oak Road, will provide 1500 parking spaces. This will replace parking lost to create the site for the Clark Center and surface parking at the site of the new structure itself.

-Duration: Fall 2000 to June 2001.

* New Mechanical Engineering Building (4452)

This project will provide 22,500-sq. ft. of new space for the Mechanical Engineering Department. Also included in the scope of this project is the seismic strengthening of building 02-570.

-Duration: May 2000 to Dec 2002.

* Toyon Hall Upgrades (7832).

This project, part of Housing and Dining Services multi-year CIP program, will refurbish Toyon Hall and provide improved building systems including computer connectivity to all rooms. This must be complete by the start of the 2000/2001 academic year.

Project Duration: April to Sept. 2000.

Important Note:

* Post Office Renovation

The Stanford Post Office at White Plaza will re-open for the start of the new University year by mid-Sept.2000.