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Stanford Report, January 5, 2000

Fifty-Plus Fitness Association continues Challenge Camp at Stanford

The Fifty-Plus Fitness Association, an exercise program sponsored by the Health Improvement Program, will resume its Fitness Challenge Camp Saturday, Jan. 8, at Angell Field.

The six-week camp meets at 8:30 a.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. A Saturday-only class also is available. The cost is $175 for the thrice-weekly meetings or $75 for the Saturday-only session, with discounts for Fifty-Plus members. For more information, contact the Fifty-Plus Fitness Association at 323-6160 or Visit the association's website at

The camp is a specially designed small-group exercise program for older adults who seek the benefits of group workout exercises in an outdoor setting. It offers a total body workout and personal attention, and strives for improved agility, balance and flexibility within a six-week period.

"Many adults past 50 want to be fit and have high stamina, but few are willing to go through what is seen as grief and discomfort to get there," said Ray Stewart, executive director of Fifty-Plus Fitness. "The Fitness Challenge Camp is a way to achieve this in a unique and fun way."

Jack Galatolo and Dan McClure, who specialize in training programs for older adults, lead the Challenge Camp. Galatolo is a personal trainer with the Western Athletic Clubs and McClure is general manager of the Supreme Athletic Club in San Carlos. SR