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Stanford Report, April 5, 2000

Senate reauthorizes program in Ethics in Society

The Faculty Senate on Thursday voted unanimously to reauthorize the Honors Program in Ethics in Society.

The Senate concurred with the recommendation of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies that the program be reauthorized to nominate candidates for honors certification for five years, from Sept. 1, 2001, to Aug. 31, 2006.

Russell Fernald, chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies, said the panel voted to recommend reauthorization "with great enthusiasm," and he praised the program's director, Debra Satz, philosophy.

"I think there was really very little discussion except a delight that she has done such a good job and that she and her colleagues have provided such an interesting program for our students," he said.

Satz said she hoped the faculty and administration would help the program benefit more students. "A Stanford student can get out of Stanford and never have encountered a course that trains or uses moral reasoning," she said. SR

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