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Stanford Report, April 5, 2000

Purchase of historic homes eases the housing crunch at Hopkins

Students enrolled at Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove will be able to live just a few minutes from class, thanks to the recent purchase of four apartment buildings in nearby Monterey.

The university acquired the residences in December to provide badly needed housing for up to 20 students and visiting researchers.

The four buildings are located next to each other on Belden Street within 10 minutes' walking distance of the Marine Station.

All four will require extensive remodeling, including the historic Abbott House, a large Victorian with four apartment units.

The other buildings located on the same property are the two-bedroom Floyd House, the one-bedroom Berlin House and a studio apartment. The buildings will be available for occupancy next January.

Preference for housing will go to the 40 to 50 undergraduates who enroll in marine science courses during the winter and spring quarters. These students are expected to live full time in the Monterey area, where rents are comparable to Palo Alto.

Each student will pay about $1,200 per quarter to live in a fully furnished apartment. Meals will not be included.

The total cost to purchase and remodel the four buildings is expected to be more than $1 million, much of which will be paid through private contributions -- including a $500,000 grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and another substantial grant from long-time Hopkins supporter Mrs. John Floyd. SR