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Stanford Report, April 12, 2000

Internal Audit Talk: reporting violations of laws and regulations

Internal Audit offers this reminder about the Code of Conduct for Business Affairs and employees' responsibility to report suspected violations of laws and regulations.

Administrative Guide Memo 15 contains Stanford's Code of Conduct for Business Affairs. This Guide Memo has on several occasions been distributed to all university employees. Although no general distribution is being undertaken for the 1999-2000 academic year, each employee is urged to refresh his or her knowledge of the Code of Conduct; the electronic version can be read or downloaded for printing at

Section 6 of the Code of Conduct states: "Employees should report suspected violations of applicable laws, regulations, government contract and grant requirements or this Code. This reporting should normally be made initially through standard management channels, beginning with the immediate supervisor. Alternatively, employees may go to a higher level of management and may also report suspected violations or problems to the Director of Internal Audit or the General Counsel."

Reporting may be confidential or even anonymous, although the more information provided, the easier it is to investigate reported violations.

The Director of Internal Audit, Steve Jung, may be reached at 725-0076 or sjung@stanford. The Acting General Counsel, Debra Zumwalt, may be reached at 723-9611 or zumwalt@stanford. SR