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Stanford Report, February 4, 1998

Photos from the Feb. '98 flood: 2/4/97

All-nighter for librarians as basements flood

Photos by Linda Cicero

Soggy volumes were boxed up for shipping to a cold storage facility in Union City, the first step in efforts to repair their damage. The books then will be sent to a San Francisco company to be freeze-dried to remove the water.

President Gerhard Casper, left, Provost Condoleezza Rice and University Librarian Michael Keller inspect the damage in the basement of Green Library.

Accompanied by the Band, sophomore Matt Enumclaw, also known as the Tree, frolics in the pool around the Claw with fellow students who were freed from classes because of the floods.

Reference Librarian Rose Adams, left and Catherine Tierney, assistant university librarian for technical services, examine a soaked set of German bibliographies dating from 1793.

Clean-up crews had to contend with dry wall and silt, in addition to the soggy carpets.