Compassion for yourself and others has a ripple effect. Showing compassion motivates others to be compassionate and spread generosity and kindness to others. Further, studies show that compassion shifts how you view yourself and the world, and can improve your physical health.

A Call to Compassion is a week-long event, December 6 to 10, featuring experts from across disciplines on how compassion can transform your well-being, relationships, pursuit of meaning and inner peace and positive impact in the world.

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The week’s sessions include compassion’s power for changing lives, the connection between gratitude and compassion, compassion and emotional intelligence, awakening compassion, the science behind compassion, and overcoming self-judgment with compassion.

You can see the full schedule and speaker bios on the BeWell website. BeWell wants to offer a special thank you to the Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) for their partnership on the event.