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Course close up

Students connect human and planetary health

More than 100 students from diverse backgrounds and fields of study were drawn to a fall class exploring the connection between the health of people and the environment, part of a wave of interest in classes about sustainability.

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Panel advises students on strengthening democracy

In an event for COLLEGE students, Stanford scholars Condoleezza Rice and Pamela Karlan, and Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway, ’89, spoke about actions students can take to strengthen democracy and make the most of their undergraduate studies.

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COLLEGE prepares students for a lifetime of inquiry

Stanford’s newly restructured undergraduate requirement program encourages students to think critically across disciplines, reflect on their values, and consider how their education can lead them to purposeful lives.

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The history of Silicon Valley in objects

In a hands-on course taught during fall quarter, students designed their own museum exhibitions using archival materials from Stanford Libraries’ Silicon Valley Archives.

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How we tell the story of disease

Students in the interdisciplinary course Pathogens and Populations: Representing Infectious Disease explored the process of translating scientific information into art and identified what gets lost in translation.

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