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Walks of Asia showcases fashion, poetry, performances

Themes of identity and activism were on stage at a student event that invited the audience to audience to consider the many ways (or “walks”) of being Asian.

When is a fashion show more than a fashion show? When it’s also carrying themes of identity and activism. These concepts were on stage when the Asian Women’s Alliance student organization hosted the “Walks of Asia” event on May 10 in Dinkelspiel Auditorium. The program combined elements of a conventional fashion show with a poetry reading and performances. Models wore traditional attire and creative takes on tradition, including garments designed and sewn by students inspired by homelands throughout East and Southeast Asia. Planned in coordination with the Asian American Students’ Association’s 27th annual Listen To the Silence conference on Asian American issues, the 120-minute show ended with the cast and crew taking to the stage to ask the audience to think about the many ways (or “walks”) of being Asian.