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COVID-19 testing update

Stanford is loosening its COVID-19 testing requirements for students who are fully vaccinated. The following message was sent to students from Mona Hicks, senior associate vice provost and dean of students, and Dr. James Jacobs, executive director, Vaden Health Services.

Dear students,

We are writing today with important updates on face coverings and COVID-19 testing.

While the incidence of COVID-19 at Stanford remains low, case numbers are increasing in the region, and variants are of concern. Stanford now recommends that face coverings be worn in crowded indoor spaces on campus and requires their use in campus spaces that are open to the public, such as the Stanford Bookstore and publicly accessible dining areas and cafes. You will find more information on Health Alerts.

Vaccination continues to be our best defense against severe COVID-19 infection, and for those students who are fully vaccinated, we will be loosening our testing requirements.

If you are living on campus or coming to campus frequently this summer, you will no longer be required to participate in COVID-19 testing and Health Check after you complete the three action items listed below.

You will also find below specific updates that apply to unvaccinated and newly arriving students who are living on or coming to campus during summer quarter.

Guidance for fall quarter will be shared shortly.

Information for fully vaccinated students who have complied with Stanford’s COVID-19 testing protocol for at least the past 4 weeks

Please complete the following three action items to be released from summer quarter COVID-19 testing and Health Check requirements:

  1. Upload your COVID-19 vaccination documentation to the Vaden patient portal.
  2. Submit a Health Check attesting to your status as fully vaccinated.
  3. Continue testing and completing Health Check daily until you receive an email from confirming Vaden has verified that you are fully vaccinated and permitted to discontinue testing. You could receive this email up to two weeks after uploading your documentation, given vaccines generally take two weeks to be fully effective. After you complete these three steps, your Health Check badge will be green through August 27.

An important exception: If you complete steps 1-3 and then begin experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you are required to take a Color Genomics test immediately and avoid contact with other people. Regardless of your vaccination status, you are still required to complete a Health Check if you experience symptoms, have a positive COVID test, or are exposed to household members who have tested positive. We ask for this information so we can take steps to limit viral spread. All information entered is secured and protected.

Information for unvaccinated students who have complied with COVID-19 testing requirements for the past 4 weeks

You are required to continue weekly Color Genomics testing and daily Health Checks. If you are an undergraduate, note the change from twice weekly to once weekly testing, effective July 19. The weekly testing window is Sunday to Saturday. Testing details are here for undergraduates and here for graduate and professional students.

Information for students who will be arriving on campus between now and August 27, 2021

Whether or not you have received a WHO-approved vaccine, you are required to complete a Color Genomics COVID-19 test on the day you arrive and test again on Day 5-7. Color Genomics registration information and other details are here for undergraduates, and here for graduate and professional students. You are also required to complete a daily Health Check, starting on your arrival date.

Unvaccinated international students are required to restrict their activities while they await the results of their first and second tests. Restricted activity means remote learning and research. You may leave your residence only for the following activities: COVID testing, medical care, laundry and trash, solo outdoor exercise, meal pick-up if you have a Stanford Dining meal plan or pick-up of grocery or prepared food deliveries.

After you receive two negative test results and are fully vaccinated, then you can apply to be released from our testing and Health Check requirements by completing the three steps for fully vaccinated students described above. We strongly recommend COVID vaccinations to all students living on campus this summer and will require vaccinations this fall.

COVID-19 testing and vaccinations are also strongly recommended for spouses, partners and children. Spouses and partners who are living with graduate students in R&DE-assigned housing are eligible to test with Color Genomics. Vaccinations are available from community providers and by appointment at the Walgreens pharmacy location at the Vaden Health Center. Students can telephone 650-815-2000 to make an appointment for spouses and partners at the Vaden Walgreens.


Submit this ServiceNow ticket for questions about Color registration, services, and test sites. Submit this ServiceNow ticket for questions about student testing compliance (e.g., red badges, missed tests, time away from campus).

We would once again like to thank everyone on campus for doing their very best to follow our health and safety protocols. The incidence of COVID-19 has been remarkably low. Let’s continue to do all we can to care for one another as we continue through summer quarter and plan for fall.


Mona Hicks
Senior Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students

Dr. James Jacobs
Executive Director, Vaden Health Services