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Video by Kurt Hickman

At Stanford’s 127th Commencement, Stanford alum and multi-award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown told graduating students of the Class of 2018 that if they find that purpose in life that gives them access to maximum enthusiasm, trust it.

Stanford University’s 127th Commencement weekend, June 15-17, 2018, featured an inspiring speech by Sterling K. Brown, Stanford alumnus and award-winning actor. He told the graduates to think of perfection like an asymptote. “The journey toward it is infinite, but the destination can never be reached.” University President Marc Tessier-Lavigne shared his hope that Stanford had prepared the graduates for a life of purpose and continual exploration. Saturday’s Baccalaureate speaker, poet and scholar Elizabeth Alexander, called for actions that are fair, just and kind.

Sterling K. Brown, award-winning actor, tells Stanford graduates not to be afraid to let their lights shine

Calling upon philosophical muses and his own experiences, Brown delivers the 127th Stanford University Commencement address.  

Baccalaureate speaker asks for ‘justice warriors’

Baccalaureate speaker Elizabeth Alexander, poet and president of the Mellon Foundation, encourages graduating students to lead lives that are fair, just and kind.

Stanford Commencement Weekend 2018 in pictures

The Class of 2018 was feted by the university community, family and friends during Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies that featured both fun times and serious messages.

Speakers stress importance of science, empathy at med school’s 110th commencement

“Aim high and keep learning, be skeptical of accepted certainty and stay fast in the belief that facts matter,” Nobel laureate Paul Berg told Stanford School of Medicine graduates.

Stanford’s 2018 Commencement Wacky Walk

Stanford begins its Commencement ceremony every year with a fun, very nontraditional procession into the stadium known as the Wacky Walk. Videographer Kurt Hickman captured some of the highlights from the 2018 event.

Time capsule introduces Class of 2018 to the future

Among this year’s treasured items: cloth leaves from the Stanford Tree mascot’s costume, a classroom clicker, seeds from campus trees, a well-loved straw cowboy hat and the key ingredient  for boba tea along with a recipe.

Carlos Brito to class of 2018: What would the world miss if you did not exist?

Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO and Stanford alumnus advised graduates to seek a higher motivation.  

‘It’s on you … to construct a life of meaning and joy’

The 125th graduating class of Stanford Law School reminded to reflect on who they are and who they will become.    

Find the strength in every student, Stanford education graduates told

Professor Emeritus Ray McDermott urges the GSE Centennial Class of 2018 not to impose categories on students but to look deeply for hidden potential.

Stanford Earth graduates urged to do good and be agile

Graduates of the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences are poised to thrive amid a “scientific revolution” being driven by new technologies and computational power, according to Dean Stephan Graham.