Our Vision

In May, 2019 Stanford launched it’s Long-Range Vision for the future of the university, based on proposals submitted by the campus community.  These stories describe the planning process for the Vision, and detail the progress of initiatives aimed at accelerating solutions for our planet, our health and society, empowering discovery and creativity across disciplines and transforming education, in addition to initiatives that support the campus community.

Stanford seeking to expand space for COVID-19 research

Stanford is looking to expand the only facility on campus where researchers can work with the virus that causes COVID-19. Once underway, the expansion could be completed in six months and would greatly speed research toward treatment and prevention.

Stanford urges everyone to ‘Say Goodbye to Single Use’

During its annual conservation campaign, Sustainable Stanford is encouraging everyone on campus to “say goodbye” to drinking and dining items designed to be used once and thrown away, such as plastic utensils, and switch to their reusable counterparts.

Recognizing and empowering women in STEM

Everyone loses when not all good ideas are heard – whether it’s missed perspectives, overlooked solutions or unanswered questions. That’s why more than a dozen programs at Stanford are supporting women in STEM fields.

Three Long-Range Vision initiatives have leadership appointments

With leaders appointed for the Changing Human Experience, Public Humanities and Innovative Medicines Accelerator, those initiatives are poised to further humanities research, disseminate that work beyond campus and accelerate new medicines.

Cardinal at Work —

Affordability a key aspect of new benefits set to launch in 2020

The Affordability Task Force (ATF), established in fall 2018 as part of the university’s long-range vision process, is now concluding work to develop recommendations that address some of our regional affordability challenges.

Makerspaces at Stanford

Dozens of spaces at Stanford help students and faculty – and, in some cases, staff and community members – explore their inner maker while also supporting those who are experienced creators.