Stanford University has hosted various educational events, both on campus and online, featuring experts to discuss the Israel-Hamas war from multiple perspectives.

“As our community witnesses and responds to the Israel-Hamas war, we continue to urge productive and respectful dialogue on our campus. Stanford is a community of scholars, and we have the opportunity to share knowledge and promote reasoned discussion around this set of challenges,” said Stanford President Richard Saller. “Educational events exploring the history and complexity of this conflict are an important way to encourage deep reflection and meaningful dialogue. I am pleased that these events are taking place.”

News stories about some of the events are below.

How an Israeli Arab scholar finds ‘pieces of peace’

In a webinar for the Stanford community, an expert on Jewish-Arab relations in Israel shared what he and other scholars have found works – and doesn’t – in advancing peace between the two communities.

Navigating the fog of war: Stanford’s discussion on media coverage of the Israel-Hamas war

Journalism lecturer Janine Zacharia discussed the challenges news media face when reporting on the Middle East conflict.

Understanding the rules of war in the context of the Israel-Hamas conflict

Scott Sagan and Allen Weiner explain the principles that govern the laws of armed conflict and the current war between Israel and Hamas.

Survey offers a window into Palestinians’ views ahead of the Hamas attack

Principal investigators from the nonpartisan research network Arab Barometer shared insights from their latest public opinion survey at an event hosted by Stanford’s Program on Arab Reform and Democracy.

Middle East experts explore deep-rooted challenges in Israel-Hamas war

A dialogue with Dennis Ross and Ghaith al-Omari examined the historical intricacies and resolution challenges of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The 1973 Yom Kippur War and lessons for the Israel-Hamas conflict

Scholars of Israel and the Middle East discussed the strategic takeaways of the 1973 Yom Kippur War and their relevance to the region’s current security crisis.

FSI scholars analyze implications of Hamas’ terror attack on Israel

Larry Diamond moderated a discussion between Ori Rabinowitz, Amichai Magen and Abbas Milani on the effects of Hamas’ attacks on Israel and what the emerging conflict means for Israel and Middle Eastern geopolitics.

University leadership statements & resources for campus discourse and safety

New steps to support campus communities

Stanford President Richard Saller and Provost Jenny Martinez announce additional steps to support campus communities.

Provost Martinez’s remarks to the Faculty Senate

Provost Martinez delivered these remarks to the Faculty Senate on November 2, 2023.

Resources for campus events, safety, and well-being

In a time of heightened anxiety and concern in light of the events in Israel and Gaza, this page provides information and resources for students, as well as for other members of the Stanford community.