Dear Stanford community,

As spring quarter begins, we are writing to let you know that Stanford is sunsetting the requirement for COVID vaccinations.

Effective Monday, April 10, the university will no longer require – but continue to strongly recommend – COVID vaccinations and boosters for faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, and students.

This decision, based on a recommendation from the university’s Public Health Steering Committee, aligns with California Department of Public Health protocols. Vaccination requirements will remain in place for students and staff who work or rotate in Stanford health care facilities, in accordance with federal guidance.

Please keep in mind that vaccinations and boosters remain safe, effective tools. They significantly minimize the chances of serious illness, hospitalization, and death related to COVID.

As a reminder, the Color testing program for students will end June 18, at the end of spring quarter, and free rapid tests remain available for students and employees. Faculty, staff, and postdocs should continue reporting positive test results on Health Check, and students should do so on the Vaden patient portal.

Stanford will continue to monitor conditions on campus and in our region, revising protocols as appropriate.

Throughout the pandemic, you have taken campus health protocols seriously and taken steps to protect loved ones and vulnerable members of our community. We encourage you to continue making healthy choices.

In good health,

James Jacobs, MD
Executive Director
Vaden Health Services
Chair, Stanford University Public Health Steering Committee

Rich Wittman, MD, MPH
Medical Director
Stanford University Occupational Health Center