Judith Haccou, former senior associate university registrar and director of graduate admissions, died in June of ovarian cancer. She was 69 and had retired from Stanford in October 2019 after spending more than 40 years as a staff member.

Judith Haccou at table with bouquet of flowers

Judith Haccou had a career of more than 40 years at Stanford and was known for her dedication and institutional memory. (Image credit: Susan Maher)

Haccou joined Stanford in 1977 and spent most of her career in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She moved to the Registrar’s Office in 2005.

“Judith was dedicated, conscientious and well known for her institutional memory,” said Susan Maher, former associate registrar. “She was a mentor to innumerable student services staff and an authority on international degrees. She was well known for her elegance, her calm demeanor while under pressure and her advocacy for Stanford students.”

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Haccou was the student services manager, handling graduate admissions, degree progress for students, course and room scheduling, and graduate funding.

“She was beloved by the faculty, staff and students in mechanical engineering,” said Lori Cottle, student services officer in the Department of Management Science and Engineering.

Haccou moved to the Office of the Registrar in 2005 as director of graduate admissions, where she led admissions strategies to enroll highly qualified graduate students. She played a key role in the university’s transition to an electronic application. During the transition, she served as liaison to departments and schools, ensuring the successful implementation of the new system. Maher said Haccou was also the university authority on admission eligibility decisions.

“Because she had worked in student services in mechanical engineering for so many years, she was able to understand the department perspective and communicate with faculty and staff effectively and also was widely respected by them,” Maher said.

Outside of Stanford, Haccou was an avid traveler, who often visited Holland, the birthplace of her parents, as well as Europe, Africa and New York.

Haccou is survived by her daughter, Tanya Hobson Begraft; son-in-law, John; granddaughter, Finola; two brothers, Glen and Dirk Haccou; and their families.