2020 hasn’t turned out to be the year anyone expected it to be. For this year’s graduates, it’s a particularly bittersweet time as they celebrate the completion of their degrees, while also relinquishing what would have been some of the most significant moments of their Stanford experience, most notably Commencement.

As they move on from the Farm, these 2020 graduates share their parting thoughts, wish their fellow Cardinal well and reflect on the year that changed everything.

Brooke Hale, environmental engineering, Forsyth, Missouri

“I never would have guessed that I’d experience graduation from the couch in my living room.”

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Mekhi Jones, computer science, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I believe that it’s in these most challenging times that we have the opportunity to improve our society the most.”

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Noelle Chow, product design, Orinda, California

“Right now, it is challenging to embrace ambiguity.”

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Jackson Eilers, mathematical and computational science, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Graduating into this uncertain world is very nerve-wracking. At the same time, I see so many opportunities to effect positive change on the communities I am a part of.”

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