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Stanford Medicine —

Augmented reality in the OR

Stanford Medicine doctors are among the first to use a spatial computing headset to access multiple real-time data streams during surgery.

Stanford Medicine —

Alexa, how much insulin do I need today?

An AI app that runs on smart speakers can help patients manage their Type 2 diabetes by telling them the correct insulin dose to take.

Stanford Medicine —

Digital interventions for binge drinking

Emergency medicine specialist Brian Suffoletto lost two friends to an alcohol-related accident in college. He now develops smartphone tools to head off unsafe drinking.

Stanford Emerging Technology Review —

‘A remarkable collaboration’

University leaders and tech experts celebrated the launch of an initiative dedicated to helping policymakers understand the implications of emerging technologies.

Stanford Law School —

Who’s responsible for autonomous vehicles?

As robo-taxis take to the streets, Stanford Law School’s Robert Rabin explains how laws on driver negligence and liability will evolve.