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Climate change in history textbooks

A new AI-driven analysis finds the most popular U.S. history textbooks used in California and Texas commonly misrepresent the scientific consensus around climate change.

A better, faster tool for saving water on farms

A new tool for designing and managing irrigation for farms advances the implementation of smart agriculture, an approach that leverages data and modern technologies to boost crop yields while conserving natural resources.

Appreciating human stewardship of nature

The Sustainable Landscape Health Assessment and new digital maps give 24 land managers regional-scale data across the mountain region, offering a big-picture systemic view and a broader context for their decisions.

Study deepens link between trash, mosquito-borne disease

With the risk of mosquito-borne disease expected to grow with climate change, a new study by Stanford researchers and their Kenyan colleagues sheds light on the factors that put communities at risk for these illnesses – including the presence of trash.

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‘Two-eyed seeing’ off the California coast

A new research partnership will combine Indigenous and scientific knowledge to monitor marine life in a sacred tribal region that may be a bellwether of how native species will fare in the face of climate change.

Oil-sand wastewater triggered large Alberta earthquake

New research reveals wastewater injected underground by fossil fuel operators caused a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in November 2022 in the Peace River area of Alberta’s oil sands region. This is the first study to link seismicity in the area to human activity.