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Stanford HAI —

“Generative agents” change the game

“Generative agents” that draw on large language models to make breakfast, head to work, grab lunch, and ask other agents out on dates could change both gaming and social science.

Stanford Engineering —

The science of light

Researchers in the field of photonics are harnessing the power of light to improve our electronics, help us live more sustainably, and learn more about how our bodies work.

Stanford Health Policy —

New technologies aid the fight against human trafficking

An AI-powered database could help Brazilian authorities locate labor camps in the Amazon rainforest where hundreds of thousands of people are held in conditions of modern slavery.

Wildfire smoke’s toxic influence

Wildfire smoke has slowed or reversed progress on healthy air in 35 states, erasing a quarter of recent air quality gains in just six years.

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment —

Support for boundless innovation

Interdisciplinary research teams will convert plastic into food, grow self-fertilizing crops, equip law enforcement to stop illegal deforestation, and more with grants from the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Rethinking social media’s role in polarization

An unusual research collaboration between more than 25 academics and the platform Meta tracked tens of thousands of Facebook and Instagram users during the 2020 election cycle. Their surprising finding? Altering users’ feeds didn’t significantly affect their political attitudes.

Human-driven mass extinction is eliminating entire genera

A new analysis of mass extinction at the genus level, from researchers at Stanford and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, finds a “mutilation of the tree of life” with massive potential harms to human society.

Stanford Medicine —

Depression after stroke

Around a third of all stroke survivors develop depression. A biomarker in the blood suggests chemical changes could be the cause.