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Stanford Medicine —

Drug limits allergic reactions

Accidental exposure to allergy-triggering foods can have life-threatening consequences for children with food allergies. A new treatment reduces the risk.

Accelerator-on-a-chip advance

A new advance by Stanford engineers could lead to particle accelerators being widely available in science, medicine, and industry.

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

Chatbots are getting nicer

The latest version of ChatGPT passes the Turing test with flying colors and has a more agreeable disposition than most humans. How might our own behavior evolve as a result?

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

5 tips for fixing friction at work

Instead of adding another meeting, say Robert Sutton and Hayagreeva Rao, try cutting one in half instead.

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

The immigration debate has a mental health toll

Anxiety and depression among Latino groups in the United States have risen during times of heightened enforcement and policy tug-of-war, new research shows.

Stanford Engineering —

The future of bioprinting

Bioengineer Mark Skylar-Scott dreams of the day when instead of receiving a donor heart, a patient could have one made using their own cells.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

David Brooks on vulnerability and connection

“If you hide yourself from the emotional intimacies of life,” the author says on the GSB’s Think Fast, Talk Smart podcast, “you’re hiding yourself from life itself.”

STANFORD magazine —

The weather man

Climate scientist Daniel Swain, PhD ’16, studies extreme floods. And droughts. And wildfires. Then he explains them to the rest of us.