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Stanford Engineering —

60 years of artificial intelligence at Stanford

Entering its seventh decade of innovation in all things artificial intelligence, Stanford reflects on the people who made it possible and the milestones along the way.

Stanford HAI —

AI’s powers of political persuasion

Researchers tested AI’s ability to sway people on controversial political topics. The results are a cautionary tale.

Stanford Medicine —

Toolkit saves lives and lowers costs

A statewide quality-improvement project to treat excessive bleeding during childbirth averts $9 million annually in California’s health care costs, a Stanford Medicine-led study found.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory —

Atomic tug-of-war

A new quantum material’s herringbone pattern could have unique features that scientists are just starting to explore.

Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions —

Eat food. Mostly blue

A new assessment finds that leveraging aquatic food sources could help policymakers address a variety of global issues.

Forecasting malaria

The study integrates climate, land use, and socioeconomic data to explain and predict malaria dynamics at the village level. The approach could inform health care practitioners and make control strategies more efficient and cost-effective.

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment —

Wildfire exacerbates disparity, study shows

Maps of wildfire hazard suggest higher-income communities are more at risk, but low-income communities across California experience fires more frequently.

STANFORD magazine —

Falling for psychedelics

People are trying them. The media is touting them. But scientists say we need to know more about how they work and when they help.