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Stanford Digital Education —

Balancing democracy and meritocracy

How a fierce debate in the 1940s between a scientist and a senator informs Stanford Digital Education’s efforts to bring challenging courses to Title I high schools.

Oppenheimer and the pursuit of nuclear disarmament

What the film Oppenheimer got right – and missed – about creating the world’s first atomic bomb. “I think there’s a broader tragedy that came out less clearly: the political tragedy of the nuclear arms race.”

Climate change in history textbooks

A new AI-driven analysis finds the most popular U.S. history textbooks used in California and Texas commonly misrepresent the scientific consensus around climate change.

Stanford Law School —

A brief history of Juneteenth

Learn more about Juneteenth’s origins, including an extensive list of resources from Stanford Libraries.

What history can tell us about 2021

In the fall quarter course, History of 2021, Stanford faculty offered historically informed reflections on some of the year’s most pressing issues and showed students how many of today’s problems are inherited from the past.