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Resting boosts performance of lithium metal batteries

Lithium metal batteries could double the range of electric vehicles, but current batteries degrade quickly during operation. Stanford researchers have discovered that you can improve the battery’s cycle life simply by letting it rest for several hours in the discharged state.

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California’s great clean energy experiment

People around the world are watching as the Golden State tries to decarbonize electricity by 2045 while balancing inequities and growing a $4 trillion economy.

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How are your solar panels performing?

New software sorts through the data to give you a clearer picture of how much power those rooftop panels are generating over time.

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A climate case to watch

Montana is appealing a historic ruling that found the state must consider the impact of greenhouse gas in its environmental reviews of projects. Experts discuss the impact the outcome will have across the U.S.

Resilient power grids

Stanford research finds low-income communities in California face a “wildfire safety deficit” as a result of longstanding policies about who should pay to move power lines underground.

Engineers make new LED more efficient, less stable

By tinkering with the material makeup of perovskite LEDs, a cheaper and more easily-made type of LED, Stanford researchers achieved leaps in brightness and efficiency – but saw their lights give out after a few minutes of use.

Western droughts drive emissions and costs

Switching from hydropower to fossil fuels during droughts has led to higher carbon emissions and cost 11 Western states tens of billions of dollars over the past two decades, Stanford research finds.