Watching nanoparticle photoreactions

Stanford researchers retooled an electron microscope to work with visible light and gas flow, making it possible to watch a photochemical reaction as it swept across a nanoparticle the size of a cold virus.

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Measuring the wind

Modeling wind power is a complicated feat that involves predicting how air will flow over the individual turbine blades as they interact with wind near the earth’s surface, a region scientists call the atmospheric boundary layer. Precisely capturing such a span of variables—ranging in size from meters to kilometers—takes an extraordinary amount of computing power.

Measuring crude oil’s carbon footprint

Stanford researchers’ comprehensive new assessment of climate emissions from crude oil production suggests avoiding the most carbon-intensive reservoirs and better management of natural gas could dramatically slash emissions.

Lessons learned for future cleantech investments

The boom and bust in clean energy investments starting in 2008 produced some lessons to guide future government policy and investment strategies for the next cycle of investment in a sustainable energy future.