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What causes inflation?

Monetary policy is a major cause of the increase in inflation, says Stanford economist John Taylor.

The real benefits of paid family leave

Paid family leave is not a “silver bullet” for advancing gender equity in the workplace, Maya Rossin-Slater says, but it is beneficial for family health and well-being outcomes, particularly infant and maternal health and overall financial stability.

Investing in tourism through wildlife and roads

To keep tourism revenue flowing, a new method uses NASA satellite data and social media posts to show the benefits of investing in nature – and the roads to get to it.

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Economist receives Oskar Morgenstern Medal

Economics Professor Muriel Niederle has received the Oskar Morgenstern Medal for research on experimental economics and gender.

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Policy Forum: Contrasting economic policy in California and Texas

Talk about the rivalry between California and Texas is getting louder – and it seems, at first glance, for good reason: The Lone Star State’s population is surging, thanks partly to an exodus from the Golden State.