The role of AI in the COVID-19 recovery

At a Stanford HAI conference, experts will discuss vaccine development, the future of work, privacy and contact tracing, 2020 elections, and other major issues arising from this pandemic.

Environment and energy after COVID-19

Global carbon dioxide emissions are down dramatically in the wake of COVID-19. A new study pinpoints where energy demand has dropped the most, estimates the impact on annual emissions and points the way to a less polluted future.

Stanford Engineering —

COVID-19’s scientific silver lining

Biopolicy expert Megan Palmer offers insight on today’s COVID-19 crisis and hope that leaders in policy, science and security can unite to prevent the next pandemic.

Stanford Law School —

Privacy and COVID-19 tracing technology

Al Gidari of the Center for Internet and Society discusses the new tools and privacy concerns surrounding tech in contact tracing for COVID-19.