COVID-19 opportunities

The researchers hypothesize outcomes of the pandemic’s unprecedented socioeconomic disruption, and outline research priorities for advancing our understanding of humans’ impact on the environment.

Stanford Law School —

Post-COVID courts

In a Q&A, Stanford law Professor David Freeman Engstrom and Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack of the Michigan Supreme Court discuss COVID-19’s challenge to our civil justice system.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Journeying through the pandemic

Scholars at the Graduate School of Business say that thinking in terms of a journey rather than a destination can help virus survivors and health care providers mitigate the psychological trauma of the pandemic.

Links between COVID-19 and air pollution

A proposed change to federal regulations would give less consideration to the health benefits of air pollution rules. Mary Prunicki of Stanford’s Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research discusses likely outcomes for poor communities.

Who we are depends on where we are

A new study found that places can change people’s personality, and the opposite is also true: Certain personalities are drawn to different places.

Resuming research during COVID-19

A perspective article co-authored by senior research officers from six leading research universities, including Stanford, argues for a gradual, stepwise approach to reopening of academic research that is informed by public health expertise.