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Learning from children’s drawings

Using machine learning, Stanford researchers have found that children’s drawings contain valuable information about how they think.

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David Brooks on vulnerability and connection

“If you hide yourself from the emotional intimacies of life,” the author says on the GSB’s Think Fast, Talk Smart podcast, “you’re hiding yourself from life itself.”

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‘If we don’t have it, we suffer’

On Stanford GSB’s Think Fast, Talk Smart podcast, Geoffrey Cohen explains the critical role that authentic connection plays in emotional and physical well-being – and how we can use communication skills to achieve it.

Reporting the war in Ukraine

The upending of the post-World War II order, a cataclysmic humanitarian crisis and the terrifying prospect that NATO and the U.S. could be drawn into an unconventional war with Russia are some of the reasons for the extensive media coverage of the war in Ukraine, says Stanford scholar and journalist Janine Zacharia.

Games as therapy for people with language loss

Graduate student and game designer Kathryn Hymes joined speech pathologists, fellow designers and people with aphasia – a disorder affecting communication – to develop three games that support language recovery and social engagement.

Revealing the complexities of life in Silicon Valley

To capture what it’s like to live and work in Silicon Valley – for the affluent, those who are barely getting by and the many people in between – Stanford communication professor and Silicon Valley scholar Fred Turner teamed up with renowned photographer Mary Beth Meehan.