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Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

Chatbots are getting nicer

The latest version of ChatGPT passes the Turing test with flying colors and has a more agreeable disposition than most humans. How might our own behavior evolve as a result?

Learning from children’s drawings

Using machine learning, Stanford researchers have found that children’s drawings contain valuable information about how they think.

Stanford HAI —

The opportunity gap in social sector AI

Nonprofits are eager to leverage AI tools for mission-related impact. A working paper explores the untapped potential.

Stanford Report —

Mehran Sahami on AI and safeguarding society

The computer scientist talks about the issues he’s paying attention to in 2024, particularly how to respond to the risks and opportunities of AI.

Stanford Engineering —

Baby babble and AI

The science of how children learn language and use it to understand the world could help large language models do a better job of interpreting the intentions behind words.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Public policies that reach the right people

Machine learning algorithms have proven especially good at burrowing into data collected in the field and unearthing new details on not only how interventions work, but for whom.

Stanford HAI —

AI helps patients in crisis access timely care

A new model to identify and triage high-risk messages to an online mental health platform dramatically reduced response time for those in urgent need.

Stanford Law School —

AI and the law

How worried should we be about large language model-powered legal tech leading lay people – or even attorneys – astray?

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Chatbot boosts productivity

The first large-scale study of a ChatGPT-like assistant in the workplace found that it helped less experienced employees perform better and made customers happier.