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Stanford HAI —

‘More human than human’

People can only accurately identify AI writers about 50% of the time. This is why.

Stanford Engineering —

60 years of artificial intelligence at Stanford

Entering its seventh decade of innovation in all things artificial intelligence, Stanford reflects on the people who made it possible and the milestones along the way.

Stanford HAI —

AI’s powers of political persuasion

Researchers tested AI’s ability to sway people on controversial political topics. The results are a cautionary tale.

How will ChatGPT change the way we think and work?

We need to think about the human aspect of using AI in our everyday lives and how it will influence the ways in which we perceive and interact with one another, says communication scholar Jeff Hancock.

Stanford HAI —

AI makes it easier to predict rare diseases

A new model combs a wealth of patient data from demographic information to lab test results to better predict the probability of diseases for which data are sparse.