Dear Stanford community,

I am deeply honored that the Board of Trustees has appointed me to serve as the next president of the university while the board conducts a presidential search. My first task has been to find a provost. I am grateful to Provost Drell for guiding the university through some difficult years.

Fortunately, the provost search committee, chaired by Dean Satz, has done a thorough job and provided a set of recommendations soon after the announcement of my appointment. I thank Debra and her committee for all the time they committed.

It is a great pleasure to announce that Dean Jenny Martinez has agreed to serve as the next provost during my term and beyond at the pleasure of the next president. Jenny is a highly respected scholar of international law and constitutional law who joined the faculty in 2003 and has served as dean of Stanford Law School since 2019. As dean, she has been a champion of inclusion, and a clear and reasoned voice for academic freedom.

A search for a new dean of Stanford Law School will begin immediately. In the interim, Professor Robert Weisberg has agreed to serve as dean of the school.

Jenny and I look forward to promoting the fundamental mission of a great university–that is, excellence in research and education with integrity.


Richard Saller