Dear Stanford community,

We’re writing to provide an update to you on a sensitive and difficult matter.

Many of you recall that last August, an AlertSU Community Crime Alert was sent out regarding a reported rape in a restroom near a Wilbur Hall parking lot. This was followed by an alert in October, in which an individual reported having been dragged to the basement of a campus building and sexually assaulted there.

In both of these cases the Department of Public Safety became aware of the reported assault after being notified by a mandatory reporter, and a campus alert was issued because of the possibility of a continuing threat to the community. The Department of Public Safety investigated the reports expeditiously and thoroughly.

Knowing that these reports prompted great concern in our community, we want to share additional information that has now become available.

We learned today that the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has filed criminal charges against the individual who reported both of these incidents to the mandatory reporter. The charges include two felony counts of perjury and two misdemeanor counts of knowingly inducing another person to give false testimony pertaining to a crime. You can read a statement from the District Attorney’s Office here.

The individual, a Stanford employee, is on a leave of absence. The university will be reviewing her employment in light of the information shared by the District Attorney’s Office today.

These false reports are damaging, both for true survivors of sexual assault and for the members of our community who experienced fear and alarm from the reports. We also want to emphasize that both false reports and outcomes such as this one are extremely rare in sexual assault cases. Sexual assault and other sexual offenses regrettably continue to be prevalent both at Stanford and in our broader society. Our steadfast commitment to provide compassionate support for survivors of sexual assault and to prevent these acts from occurring in the first place remains unabated.

Our SHARE Title IX Office and the Department of Public Safety continue to vigorously investigate incidents of sexual violence, and the university is committed to holding accountable those who are found responsible. Our Title IX/Sexual Harassment Annual Report provides data on cases and outcomes.

If you believe you are the victim of sexual violence at Stanford, please reach out to one of the resources that stand ready to support you. And, more broadly, let us continue working together to create each day the environment of safety and well-being that we all wish for our community.


Patrick Dunkley
Vice Provost for Institutional Equity, Access & Community
Co-Chair, Community Board on Public Safety

Laura Wilson
Director, Department of Public Safety