Dear Stanford community,

We are writing to follow up on the reported rape on the Stanford campus that you read about in a Community Crime Alert on Friday evening, and that was elaborated on in a message over the weekend.

As the investigation of this incident continues, along with that of a similar reported incident in August, members of our community understandably have been asking what steps the university has been taking to provide for the security of the campus.

Ensuring a safe campus is a priority that receives a great deal of attention from the university on a continuing basis. We also are undertaking some additional efforts now. We want to provide you with the following update.

First, Stanford works on an ongoing basis to identify and implement enhancements to our safety infrastructure on campus. A cross-functional group of university leaders takes the lead on this work. The expansion of security cameras, announced earlier this year, is one component. Outdoor lighting, keycard access to buildings, security staffing, our blue emergency tower system and other safety features are among those that are continually reviewed to identify where we can make useful improvements.

The university now will be doing additional work to assess where other enhancements in our infrastructure or security protocols would be useful.

Second, while the investigation of this newest incident continues, we will be temporarily expanding the presence of security staff on the Stanford campus. This will consist of both Department of Public Safety personnel and representatives of our outside security vendors, who often provide support for campus events.

This additional staffing is not intended to affect your daily routines or your interactions on campus in any way. It is, rather, intended to help deter any criminal activity, and as a further way to quickly identify potential security concerns on campus.

We know that interactions with law enforcement or security personnel can be a concern or a source of anxiety for some members of our community. This has been an important area of attention for our Community Board on Public Safety. We want to assure you that this temporary expansion will involve close attention to ensuring that security staff have an understanding of anti-bias protocols and procedures.

Much more information about campus safety protocols is available in the Annual Safety, Security, and Fire Report, which is published by the Department of Public Safety. We encourage you to periodically review this helpful resource. Pages 32-38 of the report, in particular, have useful information about crime prevention and violence prevention.

We and the rest of the Stanford leadership are working continually to provide a safe campus environment for those who study, work, visit, and live here. As we work to advance the efforts outlined above, we appreciate your efforts, as well.


Patrick Dunkley
Vice Provost for Institutional Equity, Access & Community
Co-Chair, Community Board on Public Safety

Laura Wilson
Director, Department of Public Safety