I would like to take a moment to reflect on the invasion of Ukraine and to express the university’s support for all members of our community who are affected by these events.

On Monday, I met with Ukrainian students and scholars who had assembled for a dinner gathering at Professor Mike McFaul’s home. The mood was, of course, very somber. I conveyed our support for them, as well as our concern for their families and their loved ones.

I’m also concerned, more broadly, about the implications of this invasion for our world. The peace established in Europe after World War II – while not complete or unbroken before now – has nevertheless stood as a pillar of stability. The launch of a major land war in Europe is an extraordinary and shocking event of historic proportions.

There are scholars within our community who bring experience and deep insight to this range of issues, and who will help policymakers as they navigate this situation. I appreciate their engagement.

I also appreciate all that you, our faculty, do to extend support and care for our students. It is important to remember that an international conflict of this scale will have effects and consequences for many members of our community, in many different ways.

This is a difficult moment, and my thoughts are with all who are affected.