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Building a heart, one layer at a time

Using advanced 3D printing techniques, Mark Skylar-Scott and his team want to transform a paste made of living cells into hearts and other organs.

Turning carbon dioxide into gasoline efficiently

Captured CO2 can be turned into carbon-neutral fuels, but technological advances are needed. In new research, a new catalyst increased the production of long-chain hydrocarbons in chemical reactions by some 1,000 times over existing methods.

Examining systemic racism, advancing racial equity

Black History Month is an opportunity to reflect on the Black experience in America and examine continuing systemic racism and discrimination in the U.S. – issues many Stanford scholars are tackling in their research and scholarship.

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Stanford part of Chan Zuckerberg Biohub future plans

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announced that it will continue to support the CZ Biohub, a 5-year-old Bay Area research collaboration between Stanford University, UC Berkeley and UCSF, through 2031.

A simpler design for quantum computers

Graduate student Ben Bartlett and Shanhui Fan, professor of electrical engineering, have proposed a relatively simple quantum computer design that uses a single atom to manipulate photons and could be constructed with currently available components.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

On the centennial of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, Stanford scholar Laura Wittman reflects on how the historic monument came to be a widespread symbol for public grief and mourning.

Adding sound to quantum simulations

Aiming to emulate the quantum characteristics of materials more realistically, researchers have figured out a way to create a lattice of light and atoms that can vibrate – bringing sound to an otherwise silent experiment.

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Men and women experience brain injuries differently

While analyzing data from the Department of Veterans Affairs, neurosurgery professor Odette Harris found a big gender difference in the aftermath of traumatic brain injuries.