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Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute —

‘We didn’t believe it at first’

Age-related mutations in blood cells are known to increase the risk of cancer, heart attack, and stroke. In a strange twist, researchers have found the same changes might offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Fixing the palm oil problem

Worldwide production of palm oil has climbed steadily for five decades, with devastating environmental consequences. Kelly Redmond, MS ’23, an impact fellow at the Graduate School of Business, is developing a sustainable alternative that has the potential to benefit communities in the regions where it’s produced.

Stanford HAI —

The problem of pediatric data

Medical algorithms trained on adult data may be unreliable for evaluating young patients. But children’s records present complex quandaries for AI, especially around equity and consent.

Stanford HAI —

AI uncovers bias in dermatology training tools

A model trained on thousands of images in medical textbooks and journal articles found that dark skin tones are underrepresented in materials that teach doctors to recognize disease.

Stanford Medicine —

The myth of 98.6

Average body temperature is really about 97.9 degrees Fahrenheit, and what’s “normal” varies by age, sex, weight, time of day, and more, a new Stanford Medicine study finds.