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Patient mindset training helps care teams

Patient mindsets can influence care outcomes. Care providers who received a new “Medicine Plus Mindset” training increasingly felt that patient mindsets are important in health care and reported using the training when interacting with patients.

Learning from children’s drawings

Using machine learning, Stanford researchers have found that children’s drawings contain valuable information about how they think.

A new RNA editing tool could enhance cancer treatment

The new study found that an RNA-targeting CRISPR platform could tune immune cell metabolism without permanent genetic changes, potentially unveiling a relatively low-risk way to upgrade existing cell therapies for cancer.

Earthworm invasion

Analysis reveals imported earthworm species have colonized large swaths of North America, and represent a largely overlooked threat to native ecosystems. The researchers warn of the need to better understand and manage the invaders in our midst.

The melting point

The Wilkes Subglacial Basin in East Antarctica holds enough ice to raise global sea levels by more than 10 feet, and it may be less stable than previously thought.

New, portable antenna could help after disasters

Researchers from Stanford and the American University of Beirut have developed a lightweight, portable antenna that can communicate with satellites and devices on the ground, making it easier to coordinate rescue and relief efforts in disaster-prone areas.

Stanford Medicine —

Investigating the brain’s deepest mysteries

Karl Deisseroth created a multidisciplinary in-patient research program and laboratory to better understand neuropsychiatric disorders and share those discoveries with the world.

Plant-based menstrual pads could help alleviate period poverty

Researchers at Stanford have designed an open-source process for turning sisal fibers into absorbent material for menstrual pads, creating an opportunity for the local, sustainable manufacture of hygiene products that many communities need.