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Teaching and research

Course on trees fostered curiosity

A course with origins in childhood wonder encourages students to think deeply about trees and the ideas they can inspire.

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Kelp forest ecology course trains future underwater scientists

A five-week course tests the mental and physical limitations of six up-and-coming scientific divers as they learn about the ecology and conservation of kelp forest communities through subtidal techniques.

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New course explores environmental injustice

Stanford course works with East Palo Alto Community Farmers Market to offer on-the-spot testing for heavy metals and learn about environmental injustice, specifically as it relates to communities of color and environmental contamination.

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New program embeds ethics into computer science courses

Kathleen Creel is training the next generation of entrepreneurs and engineers to identify and work through various ethical and moral problems they will encounter in their careers.

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Creative writing course explores overlap of science and art

Students in this course combine creative writing and science, discussing their texts in group workshops and gaining immersive writing experience through a trip to Hopkins Marine Station.

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How to prototype: Students make five unique chairs at the

Physical prototyping is an important part of the creative process. It provides a wide range of solutions for designers to explore. In a Stanford class called Creative Gym, students practiced their prototyping skills by creating five unique chairs using different types of materials.

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Aeronautics students learn flight basics through design

Students in an introductory aeronautics and astronautics course participate in a balsa wood glider flying competition.

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Stanford News —

New class taught almost entirely in virtual reality

The innovative classroom experience lets students directly experience the wide-ranging possibilities of virtual reality as a cutting-edge medium.

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Stanford Medicine introduces population health research to diverse cohort

Under the new Advancing Health Equity and Diversity (AHEaD) program, the School of Medicine invited college students from across the country to spend the summer doing population health research, working one-on-one with faculty mentors.

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