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Social sciences

Stanford Medicine Children's Health —

How to safeguard teens’ well-being on social media

Stanford Medicine’s Vicki Harrison on what makes social media so hard for teens to navigate safely, and how parents can help. “The reality is that young people generally want a good experience online.”

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So, you want to write an op-ed? The Public Humanities could help

The program aims to equip faculty and students with the skills to engage in public discourse and communicate their ideas outside the halls of academia.

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7 key findings about working from home

The pandemic sharply accelerated trends of people working from home, leaving lasting impacts on how we work going forward. Stanford scholar Nicholas Bloom details how working from home is affecting the office, our homes, and more.

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Stanford News —

Stanford scholars examine obstacles to gender equality

Stanford scholars have studied the obstacles women face across society – at work, in education, as leaders – and how to reach a more equitable society for everyone.

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