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Eco/sustainable practices

Summit kicks off Earth Month at Stanford

The Living Laboratory Partnership Summit convened students, faculty, and staff Tuesday to celebrate the great work and collaborations making Stanford more sustainable.

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Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability —

Can a decarbonized grid be everything we need it to be?

A Stanford-led consortium funded by the Department of Energy seeks to balance multiple and sometimes competing goals for the electric grid of the future.

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Stanford Medicine —

Simple dietary swaps could reduce the nation’s carbon footprint

Simple dietary changes like replacing beef with chicken in a burrito or choosing plant-based milk over dairy could reduce the nation’s food-related carbon footprint by more than a third if universally adopted.

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Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability —

Bill Gates wants climate innovations that scale

The entrepreneur and philanthropist emphasized the importance of affordable clean technologies during his visit to campus last week.

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Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment —

The new landscape of corporate climate disclosure

California’s new law requiring large corporations to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions has refocused attention on the role of business in combating climate change.

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Stanford Medicine magazine —

Inside Stanford Medicine’s effort to green the OR

More than 8% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the health care industry. Stanford Medicine leaders are working to shift the trend.

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Stanford Earth Matters magazine —

The future of phytoplankton at the top of the world

Since late June, the research vessel Sikuliaq has been churning through ice in the Chukchi Sea, carrying 20 scientists and students on a mission to understand how a warming Arctic will transform the ocean’s ability to sequester carbon.

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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory —

New catalyst could dramatically cut methane pollution

Researchers demonstrate a way to remove the potent greenhouse gas from the exhaust of engines that burn natural gas.

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Stanford Law School —

How to help forests fight climate change

A report from Stanford Law School Policy Lab and Bezos Earth Fund recommends climate-smart forestry practices as well as better data collection to quantify and incentivize forest carbon removals.

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Imaging adaptive futures

With science fiction as inspiration, faculty encouraged students in the course "Imagining Adaptive Societies" to imagine a future where people thrive in a sustainable and equitable world.

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