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University Communications

Stanford HAI —

“Generative agents” change the game

“Generative agents” that draw on large language models to make breakfast, head to work, grab lunch, and ask other agents out on dates could change both gaming and social science.

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Stanford Medicine —

Success with stem cell therapy in mice model of Alzheimer’s

Stanford Medicine researchers are hopeful that a proof-of-concept treatment in mice – blood stem cell transplants – may reduce signs of the neurodegenerative disease.

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Stanford News —

A day in the life of Grace Soontornviwath

Follow the Bio-X summer research fellow as she takes her morning run on campus, builds a model of the human heart, and relaxes with friends.

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Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute —

Fellowships empower emerging neuroscientists

Stanford undergrads and local community college students did hands-on research in the neurosciences this summer through the NeURO and NeURO-CC fellowships.

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Stanford Bioengineering —

Undergrad team builds a video game for bioengineering students

A free, educational video game designed by a team of undergrads lets students step into a digital version of Stanford’s world-class Uytensgu Teaching Lab.

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Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health —

Insights from female leaders in climate and health

In honor of Women in Medicine Month, insights from female leaders working at the intersection of climate change and health.

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Stanford Engineering —

The science of light

Researchers in the field of photonics are harnessing the power of light to improve our electronics, help us live more sustainably, and learn more about how our bodies work.

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Stanford Health Policy —

New technologies aid the fight against human trafficking

An AI-powered database could help Brazilian authorities locate labor camps in the Amazon rainforest where hundreds of thousands of people are held in conditions of modern slavery.

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Stanford News —

Wildfires’ growing influence on pollution trends

In recent years, wildfire smoke has slowed or reversed progress toward cleaner air in 35 states, erasing a quarter of gains made since 2000, new research finds.

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Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences —

Walter Falcon, global authority on food security, has died

Raised on a farm in east Iowa and educated in a one-room schoolhouse, the Stanford economics professor was an internationally sought-after agricultural adviser.

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