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School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor and Vaden Health Services Executive Director Jim Jacobs address today’s Supreme Court ruling

In response to today’s Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, Stanford School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor and Vaden Health Services Executive Director Jim Jacobs sent this message to the campus community.

Dear Stanford Community,

We are writing to address today’s Supreme Court decision, which, in effect, gives states autonomy to set their own standards for abortion services and access to this care. We know that many students and others in our community are away from campus at this time in the summer, but we wanted to be in touch with you given the historic nature of this decision and the very high level of attention it will be receiving.

First, we want to acknowledge that this is a controversial issue. We know that many in our community have strong opinions and are processing the news differently. In this moment, we simply wish to express our care and concern for our community members, appreciating that people are feeling a range of emotions and have different needs. Below this message, we’ve included numerous resources available to you should you need them.

Many have already asked how the final Supreme Court ruling affects our community here at Stanford and the patients we serve. As a university and academic medical center operating in California, we abide by California state laws, which require that comprehensive reproductive care is available to patients and provide legal protections for those seeking these services.

We want to affirm that today’s Supreme Court decision does not impact any of the campus health or well-being resources available to our students, faculty, or staff. Our programs and services will continue unchanged. The same applies for patients seeking comprehensive reproductive care services at Stanford Medicine’s hospitals and clinics throughout the Bay Area. We continue to abide by California laws and will keep providing these services in support of women’s health and health equity for all those who rely on this access regardless of identity.

During this time of significant change, we expect there will be passionate debates in the days ahead and that many of you will participate – and lead – these discussions. Every member of our community has the right to participate in the civic process and express their opinions. We also want to encourage all to engage with empathy and grace during this time. While this landmark decision will have far-reaching consequences, it does not change our community’s fundamental values, nor our commitment to our missions of research, teaching, and patient care.

The patient-physician relationship is the cornerstone of high-quality medicine–one that is built on a foundation of trust and respect for patients and the expert medical judgement of health professionals. This sacred relationship will continue guiding everything we do for the people who entrust us with their care. It is a privilege and responsibility that we strive to live up to each day.


Lloyd Minor, MD
Dean, Stanford School of Medicine

Jim Jacobs, MD
Executive Director, Vaden Health Services



• Medical care: Vaden Health Services will continue to offer a wide variety of screening, preventive, and reproductive health services. You’ll find a resource summary here.

• Mental health and well-being: These mental health resources are available throughout the summer and during the academic year.

• Community resources: The Women’s Community Center facilitates growth and engagement for Stanford students around issues of gender, equity, identity, and justice.

• Family support: Students with families can learn more about how we support families on this website.

Faculty and Staff:

• Stanford Faculty Staff Help Center: Stanford University offers a variety of services to the community, including confidential counseling, workshops, discussion groups, and more.

• Mental health and well-being: Please visit our Cardinal at Work page to learn about additional well-being resources available to you.