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New York Times —

How many steps should you take a day?

Article quotes Abby King, professor of health research and policy, on what early physiologists believed about exercise.

New Yorker —

Crystals’ resurgence in the self-care age

Interview with Marisa Galvez, associate professor of French and Italian, discusses why people gravitate towards crystals as a means of self-care.

Wall Street Journal —

The ‘overqualified’ trap can hit you at any time

Adina Sterling, associate professor at the GSB, who co-led a study that found that managers were more likely to make a job offer to the candidate with the less impressive record.

U.S. News & World Report —

How to help your heart weather extreme heat

Article quotes Robert Harrington, professor of medicine, on how people over the age of 50 should take special precautions in the heat.