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San Francisco Chronicle —

California wildfires could upend years of progress fighting air pollution

Quotes Michael Wara, director of the Climate and Energy Policy Program and a senior research scholar at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, on how wildfires are undermining the gains from the Clean Air Act, and quotes Marshall Burke, associate professor of Earth system science and center fellow at FSI, arguing wildfire smoke is some people's first real-world experience with climate change.


Amid surges, teachers line up for their vaccines

Article quotes Grace Lee, professor of pediatrics, on how education workers are high up on the list because of concerns about the social and academic effects of prolonged school closures.

New York Times —

How to stop evictions from further ruining lives

Opinion article co-written by Barbara Kiviat, assistant professor of sociology, discusses how Americans who default on their rent may find it hard to escape lasting effects on their financial future.

Mother Jones —

How the American diet turbocharges COVID-19

Article cites a Stanford study where researchers found that even an incentive of 30 cents on the dollar to buy fresh produce would result in a 10 percent drop in Type 2 diabetes among kids and adults who receive SNAP benefits.


Pandemic safety net falls short for seniors

Article quotes Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine and senior fellow at SIEPR, on how senior citizens who have savings and retirement security are doing better than those who do not.