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Wired —

What rat empathy may reveal about human compassion

Quotes Robert Sapolsky, professor of biology, of neurology and neurological sciences, and of neurosurgery, commenting on a study that found rats categorize other rats into “us” and “them.”

Washington Post —

College students weigh risks and rewards of studying abroad in pandemic era

Quotes sophomore Aileen Chang, who is studying at the Stanford Overseas Study program in Oxford, England, this summer, and Aron Rodrigue, the Burke Family Director of the Bing Overseas Studies Program and the Daniel E. Koshland Professor in Jewish Culture and History.

New York Times —

Who decides what a champion should wear?

Quotes Richard Ford, professor of law and author of recent book Dress Codes: How the Laws of Fashion Made History, on how traditions do not necessarily take athletes’ needs into account.

New York Times —

Is this the end of summer as we’ve known it?

Article quotes Anthony Barnosky, professor of biology, arguing “humans have become as great an influence on the planet as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.”