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Bloomberg —

Why the U.S. still can’t do enough coronavirus testing

Quotes Benjamin Pinsky, associate professor of pathology and of medicine, on the development of a test to identify people who were infected with the virus, and quotes Lloyd Minor, dean of the School of Medicine and professor of otorhinolaryngology, on the number of tests performed each day.

New York Times —

A.I. versus the coronavirus

Article quotes Condoleezza Rice, professor of political economy and of political science and incoming director of the Hoover Institution, on the formation of the the Digital Transformation Institute.

Washington Post —

How to practice social distancing while helping the economy

Opinion article co-written by Susan Athey, professor of economics and senior fellow at SIEPR, discusses how our economy runs on mutual interdependence and what can we do to make a difference when we’re stuck at home.

Wall Street Journal —

Project digs deeper into teenage smartphone use

Article quotes Thomas Robinson, professor of pediatrics and of medicine, on the Human Screenome Project, an effort to create a detailed digital map showing what people actually do with their devices.