Motherhood at Stanford

In honor of Mother’s Day, these Stanford students and postdocs reflect on the joys and challenges of raising kids on the Farm.

Classes, research papers, diaper-changing and bedtime stories are all part of the daily routine when you’re in school and raising kids.

In honor of Mother’s Day, these student and postdoc moms share the joys and challenges of raising families while pursuing degrees and careers. They also recount some memorable moments with their kids on the Farm and offer advice on making it all work.

Cheuk holding her daughter.

Tina Cheuk

PhD candidate, Graduate School of Education

“I’m still learning how to be my full authentic self in these new roles, as both an emerging scholar and a new parent.”

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Zuckerman and kids pose by Golden Gate Bridge.

Maja Zuckerman

Jim Joseph Postdoctoral Fellow in Education and Jewish Studies

“You have to embrace the chaos that comes with having kids. They will not fit into your Stanford schedule in any way.”

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Sauermann and her daughter pose.

Lisa Sauermann

PhD candidate, Department of Mathematics

“It really helps to speak with other graduate student mothers, and I benefited a lot from the encouragement and advice they gave me.”

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Eagleman and her kids making silly faces.

Sarah Eagleman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

“My most joyful times with my children are when I’ve hit a big deadline and allow myself a night off to not think about work.”

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