How cool would it be to have Stepfan Taylor at your birthday party?

We all know that STEPFAN TAYLOR is one of the top running backs in college football and one of Stanford’s all-time leading rushers. In fact, this year, he became the first Cardinal back to gain at least 1,000 yards in three consecutive seasons.

Ben Levin and Stepfan Taylor

But he is also a very nice man.

When kindergartener BEN LEVIN, son of JON LEVIN, chair and professor of economics, was putting together the guest list for his 6th birthday party, he decided to invite Taylor.

His dad explained in an email to football coach DAVID SHAW, “We have been going to all the football games this year. Last week, when we were watching the first UCLA game, Ben announced that he wanted to invite Stepfan Taylor to his birthday party. Naturally we told him that probably Stepfan Taylor would be too busy to come to a kindergarten birthday party, but that Ben could email an invitation.”

Taylor not only answered Ben’s email, he also came to the party.

Levin says that Taylor “spent an hour with Ben and a dozen of his friends eating cake and throwing around a football in the backyard. It was probably the greatest 6-year-old birthday party ever. Very cool and I was so impressed with Stepfan’s generosity.”

The next opportunity to root for Taylor comes New Year’s Day, when the senior and science, technology and society major leads the Cardinal in the Rose Bowl game against Wisconsin.

Go Cardinal. Go Stepfan.