Simona Onori honored for work on sustainable transportation

SIMONA ONORI, assistant professor of energy resources engineering, has been recognized with the 2020 C3E award in research for her work on sustainable transportation and automotive energy systems.

Simona Onori
Simona Onori

The U.S. Clean Energy Education & Empowerment Initiative, or C3E, aims to close the gender gap in the clean energy sector by advancing women’s leadership in the field. The annual awards recognize mid-career women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and accomplishments in clean energy.

“This is a really amazing time to work on energy,” said Onori, who called the award a great honor. “New technologies and ways of generating, consuming, managing and storing energy are emerging at a fast pace.”

The electrification of cars and other vehicles is vital to global decarbonization efforts, and Onori has emerged as a leading researcher in the field of automotive energy systems and sustainable mobility. As the director of the Stanford Energy Control lab, Onori conducts pioneering research on transportation and grid-scale energy storage systems.

“In my lab, my students and I think about ways to sustainably operate and optimize energy storage systems, particularly, lithium-ion batteries,” Onori explained.

She has produced seminal research on strategies for energy management in hybrid electric vehicles. Her work has also expanded to internal combustion engines, where she seeks to boost energy efficiency and lower emissions.

“Simona is a leader in understanding, predicting and optimizing battery performance in vehicles,” said SALLY BENSON, professor of energy resources engineering, who nominated Onori for the award.

The C3E Initiative is a partnership among the U.S. Department of Energy, Stanford’s Precourt Institute for Energy, the MIT Energy Initiative and the Texas A&M Energy Institute.

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