Stanford’s resident fellows, their families and pets greet their far-away undergraduate residents

Cora and Wyatt Patton
Cora and Wyatt Patton share signs conveying how much they miss their Otero residents.

Stanford’s resident fellows, their families and pets – all of whom are still sheltering in place – recently posed for photographs and took selfies to show their undergraduate residents, widely dispersed throughout the world by the COVID-19 pandemic, how much they are missed on campus and in their residences.

Resident fellows are faculty and senior staff members who live in undergraduate residences and help establish the academic and social culture of the house in conjunction with other student affairs professionals and student staff. The bonds they create with undergraduate residents are strong and can last far beyond the four years of college life.

Kuro, from Roble Hall
Among those sharing photos was Roble resident fellow BECKY BULL. Bull shared a photo of Kuro, the Roble dog known for his nightly walks.
“He bounds through Roble’s lobby and out the front door, only stopping a few times to get pet,” she said. “It is on our nightly walks down deserted Santa Teresa street that  I am struck just how quiet campus is and how I miss the hustle and bustle of Roble.”
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