Sports Illustrated gets its college mascot ranking wrong

The Stanford Band, Dollies and the Tree traditionally take over the stage after Commencement.

There must be some mistake.

Sports Illustrated recently ranked the top 10 greatest mascots in college football history. THE TREE, which granted is the mascot of the Stanford Band, not the university, came in at No. 5.

Inexplicably, SI ranked the University of Oregon Duck at No. 2 – higher than the Tree. At least it wasn’t Oski. Cal’s evil mascot didn’t make the list at all. Ha.

Still, we’re just not seeing it. Maybe when the mascot was actually a live duck named “Puddles” in the 1920s to the 1940s, it might have competed for adorability with the Tree. But today, Oregon’s Duck is just a scary rendition of Disney’s Donald Duck.

In its ranking of the Tree, SI said, “This one comes with a caveat, as the Tree isn’t the official mascot of the university; it’s a member of the Stanford Band. But an unofficial mascot that everyone associates with the school – and looks like that – couldn’t be left off of our list.”

Besides the Oregon Duck, the Tree was beaten out by the University of Georgia’s bulldog Uga, Louisiana State University’s Mike the Tiger and the University of Texas’ longhorn bull Bevo. Since each one of those mascots could cause grave bodily injury, we’re not going to argue those rankings.

The Tree was adopted by the Stanford Band as its mascot in 1975. Each year, students compete for the honor of being the Tree and the responsibility of designing their own costume.

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