2018 Knowles Fellowships awarded to 15 Stanford alumni

The Knowles Teacher Initiative recently announced that 15 Stanford graduates are among the 34 early-career teachers to be awarded its 2018 teaching fellowships.

Knowles Teaching Fellowships
Fifteen of the 34 high school teachers awarded Knowles Teaching Fellowships in 2018 are Stanford graduates. (Photo: Getty Images)

The initiative was established by Janet H. and C. Harry Knowles in 1999 to increase the number of high-quality teachers and, ultimately, improve math and science education in the United States. The Teaching Fellows Program recognizes exceptional early career science and mathematics teachers with five-year fellowships that include stipends, funds for professional development, grants for teaching materials and opportunities for leadership development.

The Stanford graduates among the 2018 cohort of Knowles Teaching Fellows are: Camille Erskine, Gail Gallaher, Diarra Gueye, Ian Hagmann, Katie Johnson, Micaela Kaye, Caitlyn Macrae, Marcos Munoz, Joonsung Oh, Tom Robbins, Katherine Rogers, Mary Sargious, Julia Smith, Satoshi Suga and Alison Valentine.

For more on these fellows and to learn more about the Knowles Teaching Fellowship go to the Graduate School of Education website.