Avenidas recognizes Jim Gibbons among Lifetimes of Achievement honorees

Professor emeritus and former engineering dean JIM GIBBONS is among several Stanford alumni and affiliates recently recognized as 2018 Avenidas Lifetimes of Achievement honorees for their service to the Peninsula and Silicon Valley communities.

Jim Gibbons
Jim Gibbons

The other Stanford-related recipients of the annual awards are JOHN and KRISTINE ERVING,  CHRISTY HOLLOWAY, and ELLIE and DICK MANSFIELD.

Avenidas is a mid-Peninsula social service agency that seeks to create a community that supports and celebrates older adults. The agency provides programs, information and services that enable people to stay active, maintain their independence, help their aging parents or care for a spouse. The Lifetimes of Achievement awards celebrate seniors with records of giving back to the community and supporting positive aging services on the mid-Peninsula.

In its citation, Avenidas notes that Gibbons developed fabrication technologies that were foundational for the semiconductor industries in Silicon Valley and around the world.

“Less well known is the fact that his work has also contributed significantly to the social well-being of our community at large,” the citation continues. “Jim also served on no less than 13 boards in the valley (among them Cisco, Raychem, SRI, Lockheed Martin, PARC and more). In the educational field, he vastly expanded and improved the Stanford Instructional Television Network, which provided topnotch education via television to thousands of engineers at local companies. Again, this provided a crucial piece of ‘infrastructure’ to the valley, and was a forerunner of present internet courses.

“His engagement with the Santa Clara Juvenile Hall in 1996 led him and his colleagues at SERA Learning to develop a successful program that teaches at-risk youth how to manage their anger and walk away from fights. SERA’s ‘Skills for Managing Anger’ course has since been used in 355 schools and juvenile justice applications across the country, including Columbine High School and NYC after 9 /11.”

The Ervings have been leaders in expanding educational opportunities and supporting affordable housing. Kristine Erving is the former community relations coordinator for Stanford Hospitals who helped found the Stanford Medical Library.

Christy Holloway, recognized for her work in open space preservation and environmental education, is a resident on campus and is married to CHARLES HOLLOWAY, professor emeritus at the Graduate School of Business.

The Mansfield, who are Stanford alumni, have been leaders in the community, volunteering extensively for the Manzanar National Historic Site, Avenidas and the PTA.

Stanford partners with Avenidas to provide resources, referrals and monthly caregiver seminars. Stanford employees are offered discounted consultations with a social worker and tickets to conferences for caregiving, housing and finances. Learn more about Avenidas services available to the Stanford community.